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How to Do a Sugar Detox in 10 Steps

By NaDica | Articles

Nov 28

Most people are aware that consuming sugar is not the smartest thing to do and that sugar is very bad.

Also, research constantly reminds us that sugar is linked to terrible dental health, obesity and cardiovascular disease.

However, there are a lot of people who think that sugar is not that bad. If you are one of those people, you should bear in mind that there is a difference between natural sugar and artificial sugar.

In fact, there is a huge difference between sugar which has been refined and added in huge quantities to almost every packaged and processed food in the supermarket and natural occurring sugar in fruit.

But no matter how you consume it you should know that excess sugar has been linked to cognitive problems, behavioral disorders, and heart disease.

As a matter of fact, sugar is also linked to weight gain, connective tissue, and degenerative bones.

Sugar is the same as cocaine; you get addicted. But do not worry, there is hope. You can do a 10 step sugar detox plan and detox your organism from this unhealthy food. Learn how you can do that.

Sugar Detox Plan in 10 Steps

Step #1 Remove All Flour and Sugar From Your Diet and House

You need to remove everything which is frozen (with the exception of frozen organic berries), packaged and canned. Did you know that even potato chips contain sugar?  You did not expect that, right?

You should commit to eating whole, fresh foods. That means to consume seeds, meats, nuts, eggs, fruits, poultry, vegetables, and seafood.

Step #2  Consume High-Protein Meal In the Morning

When you sleep, that means that you are fasting during the night which leads to high insulin levels and low carb levels. That is why most people reach for sweet when they wake up in the morning.

You need to fight this by consuming plenty of protein. Protein will make you feel full without spiking the blood glucose, and it will teach the body to use protein as energy.

In the morning you can consume a handful of walnuts, eggs or have a protein shake.

Step #3 Drink Only Unsweetened Herbal Tea, Fresh Green Drinks, and Water

A sugary drink such as soda does not fill you up. Also, the energy it gives to you lasts short which means that you are going to have another drink after. Even if you are not a soda lover, there is a high possibility that your drinks are loaded with sugar.

Therefore the best thing to do is to consume plain water, fresh green drinks, and herbal tea.

Step #4 Reduce Your Stress Level

There is a reason why people who are under stress usually eat junk food. You should know that stress raises the cortisol level, which stimulates fat storage and causes hunger. However, de-stressing can reverse the whole process above mentioned.

You need to find your own way to reduce stress. This can be very simple you can watch a funny movie, take a fitness class, talk to a friend or go dancing. Also, you can have a hot bath, or read a book. Find what works best for you and stick to it.

Step #5 Lower Inflammation from Food Sensitivities

Inflammation can cause unhealthy blood glucose levels, type 1 diabetes and insulin resistance. However, you should bear in mind that injury or illness are not the ones to blame regarding most inflammation, you should blame food sensitivities.

The most common foods which are the problem are dairy and gluten. Therefore you need to eliminate these foods as well.

You might not even be aware that you have an issue with dairy or gluten until you suddenly experience more energy and symptoms like nausea, bloating, headaches and gas.

Step #6 Consume Healthy Fat

When it comes to obesity, most people turn to fat, but people should blame flour and sugar. In fact, fat helps to keep your blood glucose levels steady, keeps you feeling full and transports minerals and vitamins throughout the body.

Therefore, at your every meal you should have fat and protein. The best fats are nut butter (except peanut butter), seeds, wild-caught seafood, nuts, omega – 3 fats from eggs and meat, olive oil, avocados, palm oil and coconut oil.

Add these ingredients to your diet and enjoy the benefits.

Step #7 Begin with Strength Training

Strength training can help you with your sugar detox and at the same time keep your blood glucose levels steady.

You should know that when you use the muscles, they need more sugar and that means less sugar into the bloodstream to increase your blood glucose and fewer sugar cravings later when the blood glucose starts to crash.

Remember the more lean muscles, the better the body works at getting blood sugar out of the bloodstream and into the muscles. Also, exercise will release endorphins which make you feel good, and in that way, you will reduce your mood eating.

Step #8 Get Enough Sleep

We are all aware that sleep is essential for the overall health. Sleeping at erratic times and lack of sleep can elevate your cortisol levels. The sleep also interferes with the ghrelin and leptin levels, the hormones which control satiety and hunger.

You should get from 7 to 9 hours of sleep every night, and you should always go to bed at the same time at night.

Step #9 Always Have Healthy Snacks at Reach

This 10 steps detox might be difficult for you that is why you must be prepared. You need to keep healthy snacks in your laptop case, car or desk at work.

Rely on portable treats such as celery with nut butter, nuts, berries, jerky, apples, and seeds. In every snack, it is best to combine fat, protein and carbs.

Step #10 Get Plenty of Healthy Carbs

Many people make a mistake and avoid all carbs. But you should not do that. You should know that carbs are necessary for good functioning. However, the trick here is to consume the right carbs.

Consume low-sugar, non-starchy vegetables. This means no corn, white potatoes, sweet potato and winter squash. Avoid them just for the detox period. Later you can eat them but with moderation.

In case you want something sweet to eat low-sugar fruits such as plums, apples, pears or you can eat fresh berries.


Doing a 10 step sugar detox might seem extreme to some people and difficult to others. But even research says that we need to get flour and sugar out of our diet forever. You need to begin with baby steps. The first step is always the hardest, right?

However, somebody has to do it. Follow the 10 steps sugar detox for seven days. The first 2-3 days will be the hardest, but during the week you will notice that you feel better without sugar and flour. This detox plan will save your health and your body.

Remember, in order to notice results tomorrow; you need to start today.