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The best tips on how to cope with diabetes and control blood sugar. Regular exercise, weight loss, carb and fiber intake, hydration, and more.

The Breakfast That Helped Me Control My Blood Sugar Levels

Breakfast to Control Blood Sugar Levels

Even the birds on the trees know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Why is like that? Well, because breakfast supports a healthy metabolism, improves concentration and boosts energy. Over the years, many studies linked breakfast with good health, better concentration, and memory, lower chances of different health problems like high […]

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Factors That Can Raise Our Blood Sugar

Surprising Factors That Can Raise Your Blood Sugar

When people think of things which raise the blood glucose, they think of things such as pastries and candy bars. People who have diabetes often think about which things might raise their blood glucose. Well, everyone should know that carbs-rich and sugary foods aren’t the only things which can raise your blood glucose levels. You […]

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12 Early Signs That Our Blood Sugar Is High

Signs That Blood Sugar Is High

Diabetes is one of the most common chronic conditions nowadays. Many people have it without even knowing as the symptoms can be easily overlooked. But, when it comes to this disease, it’s extremely important to treat it as early as possible. If not treated properly and on time, this chronic condition can lead to many […]

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How To Control Blood Sugar Naturally

How To Control Blood Sugar Naturally (Without Medicine)

Why is it so important to keep our blood sugar levels stable? Well, the amount of glucose in our bloodstream affects our body, brain, and mood. Too high or too low levels can cause a lot of undesirable effects and chronic conditions in the long run. In other words, our blood sugar levels affect our […]

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Unexpectedly High Glucose Levels – Causes and Prevention

Unexpectedly High Glucose Levels - Causes and Prevention

Even if we are following our doctor’s recommendation, exercising regularly and eating right, our sugar levels might sometimes increase unexpectedly. The director of the Diabetes Institute at the University of Pittsburgh, Linda M. Siminerio, RD, Ph.D., talks on this topic. According to Dr. Siminerio, blood glucose levels fluctuate constantly in those affected by the chronic […]

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The Difference Between Panic Attack and Low Blood Sugar

The Difference Between Panic Attack and Low Blood Sugar

Sudden low and high blood sugar levels can be extremely nerve-wracking. People simply don’t feel like themselves when the levels are too low or too high. Sometimes they feel dazed, lethargic, confused, sluggish, or even drunk. But, everyone’s symptoms are very different.  If they feel any of those symptoms, we recommend they speak to their […]

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