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Great Cooking Tips for Diabetes-Friendly Meals You'll Enjoy

Great Cooking Tips for Diabetes-Friendly Meals

By Gabriela | Diet

Having diabetes doesn’t mean we should lose the flavor of our cookies and dishes. There are so many things we can use instead of unhealthy ingredients that are bad for our blood sugar levels. These include refined sugar, potatoes, ketchup, white rice, canned vegetables, fruits, etc. By using both healthy and delicious ingredients, we’ll not […]

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5 Healthier Sugar Alternatives That Won’t Affect the Blood Sugar

5 Healthier Sugar Alternatives

By Gabriela | Diet

Learning to control sugar cravings is crucial for managing blood sugar levels. Many experts advise people to avoid eating any foods that contain sugar so that they can keep their blood glucose in check and their insulin levels stable. But, cutting out sugar is absolutely unrealistic for most people. Luckily, there are plenty of natural […]

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How to Reduce the Risk of Heart Disease & Diabetes [7-Day Vegetarian Meal Plan]

7-Day Vegetarian Meal Plan

By Gabriela | Diet , Recipes

Looking for an effective meal plan that’s going to help balance out our system and feel refreshed? Look no more. Eating more foods that are plant-based is a very good way to a better health state. Following a vegetarian diet is going to help out with reducing the risks of getting many serious diseases like […]

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