July 17


8 Healthy Foods & 3 Planning Tools That Help Manage Blood Glucose and Cholesterol

By Gabriela

July 17, 2024

People with blood sugar swings know how difficult choosing what to eat can be. They don’t always know which food is good for them and which is not.

So just to be safe, they need to make a healthy diet and a meal plan.

Diabetes Meal Plan

That is a guide on what kinds of food and how much to eat at snack times and meals. That doesn’t mean that one will have to wake up to eat or to stop with work.

It’s designed so that it can fit one’s eating habits and schedule.

3 Meal Planning Tools:

  • Glycemic index – a method that ranks foods that contain carbohydrates based on their effect on the blood glucose levels.
  • The plate method -half of it with vegetables, one-quarter with protein, and the last quarter with starchy food or whole grains.
  • Carb counting– at regular intervals eat the same amount of carbohydrates.

With a proper meal plan, one can improve their blood glucose, and cholesterol number, keep weight on track, and improve blood pressure levels. If one wants to improve their shape or simply keep their current plan, what will help them is a proper meal plan.

Extra care is needed for those with diabetes. They have to exercise to manage their blood glucose levels and also to make sure that they are eating the proper food that is balanced with oral medications and insulin.

At first, this might sound scary, but one can ask for help from their dietitian or doctor. The professionals can help them to choose the food that would be proper, and they can also make the best possible meal plan.

Having a healthy lifestyle is not just a trend, it can be excellent for everyone. Why?

Because with the proper food, one can improve their health and also help prevent some complications like heart disease.

Healthy Diet

A healthy diet is a particular way of eating. Eating a variety of food will provide a person with the needed nutrients to have energy, feel good, and maintain their health.

Proper eating is an excellent way to aid the body in staying healthy and strong. With the proper way of eating one can reduce the risk of stroke and heart disease.

8 Healthy Foods:

1. Fish;

2. Vegetables;

3. Poultry;

4. Whole Grains;

5. Lean Meats;

6. Fruits;

7. Beans;

8. Dairy Products (non-fat).

The key to a healthy diet is to choose the right portion sizes and to include a variety of different healthy foods.

Make sure to choose food that provides the highest quality nutrients of its food group. To be more accurate, choose food that is rich in fiber, minerals, and vitamins.

However, a healthy diet does not mean that one has to eat differently from what their family and friends are eating. Their friends and relatives can be part of this healthy lifestyle, and they also can enjoy the benefits.

One can always fit their favorite food in the meal plan and at the same time manage their cholesterol, blood glucose, and blood pressure levels.

Sources: Mayo ClinicDiabetes


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