February 9


3 Delicious and Healthy Chicken Recipes Everyone Will Fall in Love With

By Gabriela

February 9, 2018

Chicken is delicious, versatile, cheap, and easy to make. If cooked properly, it can be a great option for those with diabetes. It is low in fat and rich in proteins. As a result, it can be a healthy addition to every meal plan.

However, the best way to get all the benefits of chicken is to not coat it with a sugary sauce or butter. Instead, we should choose olive oil, cooking spray, or low-sodium broth. Also, make sure to  remove the skin from the chicken.

This way we can eat the meat that is low in fat. Here are some healthy recipes that won’t increase the blood glucose level.

1. Caribbean Chicken Baked with Mango

We can eat a tasty meal without adding any fat or sodium. That is why we recommend this meal. It contains ginger, mango, and garlic, which are all perfect ingredients for managing the condition. Here is what we will need to make this recipe.

  • Four skinless, boneless chicken breast cut in half,
  • Two minced cloves of garlic,
  • Half a medium sliced onion,
  • One tablespoon of chopped cilantro leaves,
  • One tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil,
  • A slice of freshly peeled ginger,
  • One tablespoon of wine vinegar,
  • One teaspoon of ground allspice,
  • Half a peeled and chopped mango,
  • One teaspoon of jerk seasoning,
  • Two jalapeño chile peppers,(seeded and halved).

Combine the garlic, mango, ginger, and hot spices. Next, preheat the oven to 450 degrees F. For this recipe we will need a 13″ x 9″ baking pan. Coat the pan with some cooking spray and set it aside. Now, take the hot spices mixture and pour them into the food processor.

Next, add the vinegar, onion, ginger, oil, allspice salt, jerk seasoning, salt, peppers, and let them process until they are properly chopped. Spread this chopped mixture over the chicken breasts on both sides. Place the chicken in the baking pan and bake the meat for half an hour.

Our meal is now complete. Finally, serve the meat with some mango and cilantro on top. Enjoy!

2. Chicken with Olives and Artichokes

Simple and delicious. This meal will be our new family favorite. Here is what we will need to make this recipe.

  • Two cups of freshly sliced mushrooms,
  • Half a cup of freshly chopped onion,
  • A teaspoon of crushed dried thyme,
  • One 9 ounce package of frozen artichokes,
  • Three tablespoons of cornstarch,
  • One cup of chicken broth (reduced-sodium),
  • 14 1/2-ounce can undrained and sliced tomatoes,
  • 2 and 1/2 pounds of boneless and skinless chicken breasts or thighs,
  • 1/4 cup of dry white wine,
  • One 2-1/4 ounce can slice of pitted olives,
  • Three teaspoons of curry powder,
  • 1/4 teaspoon of salt,
  • Three tablespoons of icy cold water,
  • 1/4 teaspoon of black pepper.

In a slow cooker add the tomatoes, mushrooms, onions, chicken broth, olives, wine, curry, salt, pepper, chicken and thyme. Top the meat with the artichoke and cover it with a spoon of the tomato mixture.

After we have prepared the meat, cover it with a lid and let it cook for 7 hours on low heat. However, if we want to speed up the cooking process, set the oven on high and cook the meat for 3 and a half hours.

Once our meal is ready, we can serve it on a plate and decorate it with some artichokes. Moreover, in a different smaller bowl, add the water and cornstarch.

Mix well and let it cook for 15 minutes. Once the mixture thickens, add the tomato mixture with the cornstarch over the chicken and artichokes.

Note: Cover the served chicken while preparing the cornstarch in order not to let it get cold.

3. Grilled Chicken Salad

This is a classic vegetable-rich dish. Here is what we will need to prepare this recipe.

  • 1–2 lbs of skinless and boneless chicken breasts,
  • Avocado,
  • Carrots,
  • Green onion,
  • Cucumbers,
  • Romain lettuce,
  • Salt,
  • Spinach,
  • Tomatoes,
  • Worcestershire sauce.

Grill the chicken and brush it with some Worcestershire sauce. Next, sprinkle some salt. Once the chicken is ready, remove it from the grill. Now, cut the carrots, cucumbers, spinach, lettuce, onion, and avocados.

Place all the ingredients on a serving plate and drizzle the favorite dressing. Make sure that the dressing is low-fat. Finally, the meal is ready. Fast, tasty, and healthy. Enjoy!


  • Gabriela

    Co-Founder & Editor-in-Chief of Diabetes Health Page, Fitness trainer and instructor has dedicated her career to educating and informing people for over 10 years. As one of the most passionate diabetes advocates, Gabi has worked tirelessly to ensure that those people receive the education and support they need to properly manage their diabetes and achieve their health, fitness and weight loss goals.

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