June 27


Health Benefits of Avocados

By Gabriela

June 27, 2017

How many of you have heard that avocados are a great natural treatment for metabolic syndrome? It is a condition that can heighten our chances of cardiovascular disease and diabetes by up to 3-5x!

Both diabetes and cardiovascular disease are two of the main causes of premature death in the world. So we can see why preventing their occurrence is such a big deal indeed.

Metabolic Syndrome can be characterized by clear symptoms. For example, increased blood sugar, decreased good HDL cholesterol and obesity, particularly in the abdominal area.

An Avocado a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

When some people, especially those trying to lose weight, hear about how high in fat content the avocado can be, they can shy away from it. But that would be a big mistake, we assure you. Yes, it is a fruit which is rather high in fat, but that would be healthy fat!

In other words, the good variety, the one everyone needs.

Researchers from Iran took it upon themselves to conduct a review on as much as 129 studies concerning this food. And, as we mentioned above, they discovered it had a positive effect on the so-called ‘metabolic syndrome’. But that’s far from its only use.

The journal Phytotherapy Research concludes in its publication that if one were to develop a habit of consuming these fruits on a regular basis, then one would not only be lowering their high cholesterol levels but also making sure to maintain a healthy metabolism.

Avocados are also beneficial for lowering blood sugar levels and high blood pressure.

They contain vegetable saturated fats. Which means the good variety as opposed to the ones we have learned to fear and be wary of. Not only does it lower your bad LDL cholesterol but it helps increase your good HDL cholesterol.

It also lowers your triglycerides. This is what RPP Noticias’s medical advisor, Elmer Huerta, had to say on the subject.

Quite the Useful Food

Additionally, according to research done in vivo, in vitro as well as clinical research, it turns out that not only the meat of the fruit but its seeds and peel are also packed with benefits we can put to good use.

And according to all these analyzing studies and research have done, incorporating the avocado into our daily diet may be one of the best choices we’ve made.

Further clinical research has approved the avocado in the form of a herbal dietary supplement too.

And although taking such a supplement (or, better yet, eating avocado in its natural form) is always a better alternative to taking synthetic medications, there is still very little scientific evidence on whether there are any side effects to consuming avocado or not.

But scientists do know one thing, and that is that people who have kidney failure would do well to keep away from avocado. The reason for this is that it’s rather high in potassium, which is a mineral that such individuals need to avoid.

But for the rest, there is no concrete evidence that avocado is bad for us, in fact, quite the opposite, so dig in!

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