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10 Healthy Snack Ideas You Must Try

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Nov 23

If you are a snack lover, you do not have to feel like you are making a mistake by eating between meals. You can still enjoy your snacks, but you need to know which snacks you can eat between meals.

You should know that your snacks need to be from 15 to 20 g of carbs. If you have diabetes, it is vital to consume a nutrient-rich and fiber-filled snack in order to curb your appetite before your next meal.

This is the opinion of Angela Ginn-Meadow, spokesperson and registered dietitian for the American Dietetic Association. Remember before you make any changes in your usual diet you need to consult your doctor.

She or he will tell you whether you can include a snack in your meal plan. If the answer is affirmative, then below you have 10 marvelous option for healthy diabetes snacks.

10 Diabetes-Friendly and Low-Carb Snacks Ideas

1. Bananas and Chocolate

For a healthy and decadent treat, you can slice half a banana and melt ½ ounce of dark chocolate. You can dip the banana into the chocolate and enjoy. According to studies, dark chocolate can help reduce blood pressure.

2. Bread with Peanut Butter

This snack is perfect for you if you prefer more filling snacks. You need to take one slice of whole wheat bread and spread 1 tsp. of peanut butter. This snack comes with monounsaturated fat (healthy for the heart) and protein.

3. Orange

In case you want to have a snack but still want to have something small and healthy take an orange. By eating an orange you will get fiber and vitamin C, and that can help you keep the blood sugar under control.

4. Hummus with Veggies

For this healthy snack, you will need around 1/3 cup of hummus. You can use hummus as a dip for carrot sticks, cucumber, peppers, celery, and broccoli. Although the hummus is calorie-dense, it provides nutrients and fiber.

In case your not a fan of hummus, do not worry you can pair the veggies with another dip. You can use 1 tbsp. of plain yogurt, tzatziki which is a Greek yogurt dip made with spices, garlic, and cucumber, or with 1 tbsp. of low-fat salad dressing.

5. Mini Pizza

This snack will probably come at the top of the list. You need to toast half of a whole grain sandwich and top it with couple tbsp. of reduced-fat mozzarella cheese, one big sliced fresh mushroom, and couple tomato slices.

Put it in the microwave from 1 to 2 minutes for a melty, warm treat. The best part about this snack is the fact that is only 100 calories.

6. Nut and Fruit Yogurt

This is a fast and tasty snack. Take a six-ounce carton of plain fat-free Greek yogurt and top it with 1 tbsp. of dried cranberries and 1 tbsp. of toasted slivered almonds.

7. Popcorn

In case you want a crunchy and healthy snack, skip the chips and go for three cups of light popcorn without butter or salt. The good thing about popcorn is that is easy to-go snack, and it is rich in fiber.

8. Veggies and Guacamole

This is a crunchy and tasty snack. You need to dip ½ cup carrot sticks and ½ red sweet pepper in a ¼ cup of guacamole.

With this snack, you will cover the daily needs for vitamin C thanks to the red sweet pepper and with the carrots the daily requirements for vitamin A.

9. Milk

For a boost of calcium, you need to drink one glass of 1 % or skim milk. You need to opt for low-fat milk, since it is good for the health of your heart.

10. Apple

This is an easy and fast snack. Apples are found in many varieties. Therefore, it will be easy for you to find the flavor you like. The apple is an excellent source of insoluble and soluble fiber, which helps stop cholesterol buildup.

Remember you are what you eat. Therefore you need to eat well, to feel well.

10 Healthy Snack Ideas You Must Try

10 Diabetes-Friendly and Low-Carb Snacks Ideas

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