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This Is Why People with Diabetes Need to Avoid Late-Night Snacks

By NaDica | Articles

Nov 10

Probably most of you at least once or twice went to fridge at 3 am due to uncontrollable hunger.

It is not a big deal in case you do this once or twice, but if you do it often that is bad. According to one new research if this is something you normally do you might be in trouble.

This habit of late-night snacking might have alarming consequences when it comes to your health. If you are one of those, who eat late at night consider this study as a wake-up call.

More About the Research

According to this recent research indulging in late-night might lead to heart disease and diabetes. It might not be connected to what we eat, but when we eat.

You should bear in mind that our internal clocks are set to the cycle of day to night, and they dictate when we eat and sleep. If you disrupt this pattern that might influence your triglyceride levels also known as fat blood levels.

According to one research on animals in Mexico City feeding rodents at the start of their normal rest period actually spiked triglyceride levels. However, the dramatic rise did not occur when the rodents were fed at the start of their active cycle.

You should know that high triglycerides do not cause diabetes. But, high triglycerides is a sign that your system does not work properly. As a matter of fact, high triglycerides might be a sign of insulin resistance.

This might mean that your body is not properly responding to insulin and that over time it might cause high blood glucose levels. In turn, that might lead to heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

Late-night snacks contribute to additional calories which might cause weight gain.

In case you often snack after the evening meal, especially if your snack is with carbs you might have high blood glucose level the next morning.

Which Snacks to Choose

In case you had your dinner and you are still hungry make sure to opt for the better snacks.

Those snacks are:

  • Light popcorn – 1 cup
  • Sugar-free frozen cream pop – 1
  • Baby carrots – 5
  • One handful of crackers goldfish-style
  • Diet soda – 1 can

Also, another thing you can do is swap the snack for one small hard candy of a piece of gum. The snacks above mentioned have few calories and carbs, and that is why you need to opt for them since they won’t lead to elevated blood glucose or weight gain.

In case you take diabetes drugs such as insulin, and you have the need to snack before bedtime in order to prevent low blood glucose during the night make sure to consult your doctor.

She or he might recommend adjusting the dose of your drugs in order to prevent the need to have snacks late at night.