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17 Health Benefits of Bamboo Shoots We Must Know

By Gabriela

November 1, 2022

Bamboo is an eternal flowering evergreen. As a matter of fact, the large bamboo is among the most significant members when it comes to the grass family.

This plant is very versatile, and it can be used as food, as a building material, and in its raw form from paper to jewelry. The bamboo shoots are actually the youngest part of this plant.

In fact, these bamboo shoots are used for eating. They are usually used in Asian cuisine, but because of the many health benefits, they are gaining in popularity.

Nutrition Facts of the Bamboo Shoots

The bamboo shoot is low in fat, calories, and sugar. For that reason, it is a marvelous addition to any weight loss diet.

It is a good source of carbs, dietary fiber, and proteins. In addition, it contains many of vital amino acids and critical minerals such as selenium, calcium, potassium, phosphorus, manganese, iron, copper, zinc, and chromium.

It contains phytochemicals and phenolic acids which offer antioxidant effects. Also vitamins such as vitamin B6, vitamin C, pantothenic acid, thiamin, niacin, folate, and vitamin E.

Crunchy and delicious with a mild aroma and taste, this food is thought to be among the healthiest foods worldwide. It has actually been reviewed as the new healthy food because of its numerous health benefits.

Numerous Health Benefits of the Bamboo Shoots

1. Health Benefits for Blood Glucose

As we already mentioned bamboo shoots are low in fat, calories, and sugar. Therefore, this is a fantastic food for people who have diabetes.

And the fact that it contains dietary fiber helps as well. Dietary fiber has a crucial role when it comes to controlling blood glucose levels.

Also, the mineral magnesium found in this food is a mineral that is linked to reducing the risk of obtaining diabetes. According to one study, bamboo extract is beneficial in reducing the chronic high sugar in the bloodstream.

And according to another study, the bamboo extract might stop lipotoxicity which is linked to type 2 diabetes. Lipotoxicity occurs when the cell overeat. This happens from the build-up of lipids around the skeletal muscle, the kidneys, the heart, and the liver.

2. Boost Immunity

The bamboo shoots thanks to their phytonutrients, minerals, and vitamins boost the immune system and protect the body from different diseases.

3. Regulate Blood Pressure

The potassium found in this food helps to keep blood pressure under control. In addition, consuming this food leads to stabilizing effects regarding arterial blood pressure.

4. Anti-Viral

The hot-water extract of this food comes with anti-viral properties. These properties prevent and treat viral infections.

5. Stop Fatigue

This food can help us to stay active even after challenging physical activities such as climbing and weight-loaded swimming.

6. Treats Skin Issues

According to one study, bamboo might act as a therapeutic agent which helps prevent the development of atopic eczema.

7. Beneficial for the Cardiovascular Health

The leaves of this food have orientin. That is a powerful compound that lowers the risk of cardiovascular disease and at the same time protects the heart.

8. Helps in Weight Loss

The bamboo shoots are high in fiber and low in calories, which is why they are good food for those people who want to lose weight.

The bamboo shoots will help lower food cravings, keep us full for a longer period and suppress appetite.

9. Anti-Inflammatory

According to one study, bamboo shoots can help treat inflammatory conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis with peptic ulcers and painful joints. Also, they can help lower pain.

10. Anti-Cancer

According to one study, bamboo extract obstructs breast cancer and comes with an anti-breast cancer effect.

Moreover, according to one in vitro study, the leaves of bamboo are stronger in comparison to photosensitizer which helps kill cancer cells.

Another in vitro study came to the discovery that hot compress water extract from bamboo shoots kills ALL, i.e., acute lymphoblastic leukemia cells.

11. Stomach Disorders

Thanks to the dietary fiber in bamboo shoots, this food can stimulate bowel functions and prevent constipation.

In fact, the bamboo shoots together with the leaves are used to treat different stomach disorders such as intestinal worms.

12. Useful in Chemotherapy

According to one study, bamboo concentrate boosts bioavailability. Also, it has synergy effects on paclitaxel which is a chemotherapy agent.

13. Lower Cholesterol

Studies say that bamboo extract is abundant in triterpenoids that boost the reduction of the lipid levels, help treat high blood pressure and hypertension and last but not least lower cholesterol.

14. Anti-Tumor

One study notes that the bamboo leaf extract can regulate or modify one or more immune functions that obstruct the growth of the tumor.

On the other hand, another study notes that the hot extract of the bamboo leaf can boost the immune response, notably suppressing tumor growth and tumor incidence.

15. Good for the Brain and Nerves

Bamboo shoots and bamboo sprouts come with a protective effect on the nerves when it comes to oxidative stress. Also, it helps prevent different nerve degeneration-related conditions such as Huntington’s disease, Parkinson and Alzheimer’s disease.

Furthermore, one study found that the supplementation of bamboo extract in senior men might help protect when it comes to treating Alzheimer’s disease.

And another study notes that the bamboo shoots might come with anti-apoptotic effects and can be used as a supplement regarding brain damage treatment and ischemic injury.

16. Prevent Allergies

According to one study bamboo shoots lower airway inflammation and might be a therapeutic potential for the allergic disease of the airway such as asthma.

17. Help Bone Health

The bamboo shoot has miners such as magnesium, calcium, and potassium which are linked to the development and growth of healthy bones.

The silica found in bamboo helps prevent conditions such as osteoporosis and increases bone mass.

How to Add Bamboo Shoots to Our Diet

We should know that raw bamboo shoots might be hard to digest due to their bitter taste. Therefore it is important to cook and clean them in order to eliminate that taste.

We can add bamboo shoots to curries, salads, and soups. Also, we can steam or boil the bamboo shoots with different healthy sauces or dips.

Have you heard about these incredible benefits of bamboo shoots?


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