December 22


A Fantastic Green Juice That’s Good for Blood Glucose Levels

By Gabriela

December 22, 2023

Today’s busy lifestyle is making us choose unhealthy food options almost every day. If we add stress to our poor diet, we become a target for type 2 diabetes, not even considering our genetic predispositions.

Not eating healthy and being physically inactive can keep our blood sugar levels high for a long time. But, this is detrimental to our body for numerous reasons.

Why is Constant High Blood Sugar Dangerous

If our blood sugar levels are higher than normal for a long period, we might develop both, immediate and long-term health complications. So, one of them is diabetic ketoacidosis – a medical emergency characterized by blood chemical imbalance.

Other health complications related to constant high blood glucose include macrovascular disease (damage to large blood vessels), microvascular disease (damage to small blood vessels), and diabetic neuropathy (nerve damage).

These increase the risk of heart attack, coronary heart disease, stroke, kidney disease, vision loss, etc.

How to Regulate Blood Sugar Levels

To prevent all these health problems we have to pay more attention to our blood sugar levels. We can control them by eating low-GI foods, avoiding unhealthy foods, exercising or doing any physical activity regularly, and avoiding stressful events. To reduce the stress in such events, some tend to play games like 슬롯사이트.

In case our high blood glucose levels progress into type 2 diabetes, it’s important to take our prescribed therapy regularly.

In addition to these measures, some natural remedies can also help control our blood glucose. They contain ingredients with natural blood glucose-lowering effects. One of them is the juice we present in this article.

The reason why it’s so useful lies in the effectiveness of its ingredients.

Juice Recipe for Reducing Blood Glucose Levels

What we need to make this fantastic juice for reducing blood glucose is cucumber, bitter gourd, celery, lemon, green apple, and green pepper.

Benefits of the Ingredients

Cucumber – it’s low in carbs, and its glycemic index of 15 is one of the lowest among all vegetables. Also, the fiber content in cucumbers keeps us full for longer, thus preventing us from overeating. This, in turn, helps us lose weight and avoid blood sugar spikes.

Bitter Gourd – it contains anti-diabetes, insulin-like substances that help reduce blood sugar levels.

Celery – packed with vitamins, and minerals, especially vitamin K, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory compounds. It’s low in calories and has a low GI. Also, celery is high in fiber and water, making it an excellent food choice for those with diabetes.

Lemon – the high vitamin C and soluble fiber content can benefit those with type 2 diabetes.

Green apple – high in dietary fiber which helps regulate bowel movements and improve digestion. It keeps us full for longer, so it’s good for those who try to lose weight. Also, it helps reduce cholesterol levels in the body.

Green pepper – a non-starchy vegetable whose carb content is mostly in the form of fiber. The fiber, in turn, helps control blood glucose and reduce the risk of heart disease. Moreover, green peppers are rich in vitamins C and E.

How to Make the Juice


  • Half a bitter gourd (or bitter melon);
  • Half a cucumber;
  • ¼ lemon;
  • Half green pepper;
  • 2 ribs of celery;
  • 1 green apple.


Just blend all ingredients until you get the desired consistency. Drink once a day, when necessary. Enjoy!


  • Gabriela

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