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What is The Right Time to Start Eating Bitter Melon?

By Gabriela

February 25, 2022

Diabetes is a disorder that interferes with blood sugar in one’s system, which further leads to different kinds of health issues that can be very damaging.

Since this is such a problem for people struggling with this disorder, experts keep looking for new and effective alternatives that are going to help out and provide effective treatment and make life easier.

This is how and why bitter melon comes into play. Could it possibly help us treat diabetes and make your everyday life easier?

Read below and see how bitter melon can help us.

Bitter Melon: The Basics

Counting dozens of names as African Cucumber, Balsam-Apple, or Bitter Cucumber/Apple, the bitter melon is a plant that people have used as medicine and food for generations.

This is the case because it consists of lots of minerals and vitamins that refresh your system and boosts your overall health.

Bitter melon grows in Asia, The Caribbean, certain parts of Africa, and South America. The plant has been famous for treating coughs, fevers, colic, and different skin conditions, but people have been using it for helping the process of childbirth as well.

People in Africa and Asia use bitter melon to treat measles and chickenpox. Nowadays experts are claiming that it even helps with the treatment of breast cancer.

Can Bitter Lemon Help Treat Diabetes?

Since this plant is such a huge health booster and since it has helped people with various health issues for generations now, experts tested out bitter lemon can help people treat their diabetes.

According to a study, 2,000 mg of bitter melon a day can reduce blood sugar levels and balance them out in people living with type II diabetes. Even though the effect was not equivalent to taking a dosage of 1,000 mg of Metformin, it still is significant because it still reduces blood sugar.

Even though according to a 2008 study bitter lemon could be used to treat diabetes type II, this is still not safe to claim so confidently, and more tests are in dire need to determine what’s right and what’s not.

How to Use Bitter Melon?

We can consume bitter lemon by chopping some up and eating it fresh, or we can get some bitter lemon tea and drink it that way. There are lots of ways we can do it, but the most efficient way is through Carela.

Carela is a bitter melon-based tea that has a whopping six flavors. The founders claim that it took them a while to produce a beverage that’s going to taste good without erasing the benefits of such a healthy, useful plant.

People keep coming back with outbursts of positive stories regarding the plant, saying that it helps them regulate their insulin levels and that it drops their sugar by a whopping 100 mg/dl in something over one hour.

Experts state that bitter melon is soon going to be the next kale with its array of benefits.

How Much Bitter Melon Should We Use?

We should consume no more than 100 ml per day. If you don’t want to involve yourself in any measurements, eat one small bitter melon a day.

In Conclusion

Bitter melon is completely safe to adapt to a healthy routine. Even though some possible side effects can occur if we use it long-term, but still if taken in moderation, we will only experience its benefits.

And we are not talking placebo-like benefits, its particles and ingredients will do as said. We can use bitter melon in our diet and consume it; there are even capsules that are taste-free but have all the benefits.

If you’re living with diabetes, make sure to speak with your doctor before taking bitter lemon. This is because the plant can interfere with the medication you’re already taking and cause a rise in blood sugar.

If the doctor prescribes, get ready to enjoy a list of benefits!

Source: Diabetes | Solid Starts


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