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This Trick of Changing the Order of Eating Can Do Wonders for Your Blood Glucose

By NaDica | Articles

Feb 22

The most vital tool when it comes to management of diabetes might be healthy eating. This can help ease the management of your blood sugar since the food has an instant effect on your blood sugar levels.

Therefore, there are a lot of theories of what you should eat and what you should avoid. Probably even from the first time you got your diabetes diagnosis, all you hear is “avoid carbs.” Perhaps people have said to you that “carbs are the enemy” countless times.

That means that bread and pasta are the enemies. Well, in general, this is true for people with diabetes who need to administer insulin before they eat. However, one study has shaken these theories. Interesting, right?

Dining Out – Essential Part of the American Culture

In reality, people who have diabetes don’t eat only the meals they cooked, and certainly, they don’t eat only at home. As a matter of fact, dining out at restaurants is an essential part of the American culture.

According to estimations, the average American eats 5 meals a week out in restaurants. Why is this important? Read on, to find out.

Weill-Cornell Medical College Study

According to one study, carbs, mainly bread might not be the enemy. In fact, according to this study, the enemy might be the time you choose to consume bread.

To be more precise the researchers think about the order of which you consume your meal.

In restaurants, often the bread is served as part of a starter or an appetizer. In fact, it serves as something to whet the appetite for the main course. What the researchers did is that they reversed the order.

More About the Study

This study included 5 men and 6 women all of whom had type 2 diabetes. They ate bread before their main course, and the result was spiked appetite and blood glucose levels. After seeing this, what the scientists did is that they reversed the order.

Therefore, the participants had the same meal as previous. The meal was a salad with vinaigrette, grilled chicken, ciabatta roll of standard-size, and steamed vegetables. But now instead of starting the mean with ciabatta roll, the roll was eaten last.

The results now were different from before. Just by swapping the bread as the least food to consume the participants had 30 % lower blood glucose. This is in comparison to when they had their first meal and when they ate the ciabatta roll first.

Based on this discovery, people with diabetes won’t have to administer the same amount of insulin as they usually do before they eat carbs.


The researchers realize that this is a big difference. In addition, they fully understand that small study has led to more questions than answers.

For instance, what about sandwiches? How will the combination of fats, proteins, and carbs impact the blood glucose?

There is a need for more research on this topic. But every new research means new hope and improvement to the diabetes management.

So, are you one of the many who loves to eat out in restaurants? In which order do you usually consume your food in restaurants? Do you always eat bread first?