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Top Smartphone Apps to Manage Diabetes

By Gabriela

November 22, 2021

If you have diabetes, you can improve your health thanks to one gadget. At the moment you are probably holding it in your hand, or it is maybe in your purse, yes, we are talking about cell phones.

It turns out cell phones are not only for sending photos, scrolling on social media, or checking email. Apps, i.e., smartphone applications can help patients with diabetes to have better management of their condition.

All people with diabetes can benefit from this extra option to aid them to keep up with the daily needs of their health. In addition, if you have diabetes you can do all of that with your smartphone.

5 Uses of Apps for Diabetes Management

1. General Apps for Diabetes Management

General diabetes apps are great because they replace the in-depth apps that specifically target certain data. In case you do not have the nerves and time to check 5 different apps daily, these general apps are great for you.

DiabetesConnect provides all the necessary information to track your diabetes. Similarly, Glucose Buddy tracks information and according to that lets you set goals.

2. Diet Apps

If you are trying to gain muscle and lose weight despite your diabetes, different apps can help you track your progress, exercise, meal plans, and goals.

For example, Fooducate is a great app that tracks your progress simply by watching the food you consume. Those who use it can scan the bar codes of different food items and find a list of the content of these meals.

MyFitnessPal incorporates a calorie tracker and helps with your diet. If you are among those who focus on weight loss as a way to manage your diabetes, these apps are great for you.

3. Carbs Calculators

Some individuals have diabetes and count carbs to determine how much insulin they need. Although in these previous apps, there is an option to tell you the level of carbs in different foods, there are apps that are solely dedicated to that.

With apps specially made to count carbs, you can get more in-depth info about your food.

One app just like that is Verywell Health. This app tracks your carbs and comes with an enormous food database with more than 100,000 foods which makes tracking carbs even simpler.

In addition, you can set daily goals like tracking sugar levels, weight, and water intake. This app is ideal for those who want to balance their diabetes in the right and healthy way.

Another great app is Daily Carb Premium. This app along with carbs tracks things like blood pressure, sugar, exercise, and drugs. Also, you can make daily exercise logs and log in cholesterol, blood pressure, triglycerides, and heart rate.

4. Calorie Trackers

MyNetDiary is a great calorie tracker app that tracks calories, nutrients, fat, protein, and carbs. Also, this app provides for tracking your exercise.

Another great calorie tracker app is MyFitnessPal. This app is great for individuals with diabetes who have specifically made menus and regimens for individuals with type 2 and type 1 diabetes.

Also, it allows you to focus on gaining muscle, creating a daily food intake and calorie limit, and gaining muscle, which aids you to focus on your goals.

5. Logbook Apps

These Logbook apps enable individuals with diabetes to keep a log of the essential statistics that relate to the condition; this includes their insulin levels and blood sugar levels. These apps are great since you can easily reach the data no matter where you are.

For example, the BG Monitor app identifies blood glucose trends to recommend some actions or foods to take. In addition, it can calculate your insulin levels thanks to meal data.

Another great app is the NWPC which enables you to print readouts for your visit to the doctors and set blood glucose reminders. Also, its users can use smart search to find meals and places that are diabetes-friendly.

Moreover, the GlucOrale app aids in forecasting a person’s blood glucose levels by collecting data. Also, it uses the predictive algorithm to determine where the blood glucose levels will be as the day passes.

People with diabetes are aware that keeping track of diabetes data might be monotonous. Therefore, these apps might help make mundane tasks more engaging and far simpler.

Now you know that your crucial diabetes data is one click away and might be found in your purse and pocket at any moment.

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