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10 Natural Ways to Manage the Symptoms of Diabetes

By Gabriela

January 3, 2019

Diabetes is becoming one of the most common chronic diseases around the world with over 21 million people affected by it only in the US. It develops when the level of glucose in the blood is too high.

There are two types – type 1 and type 2. Common symptoms include increased urination, excessive thirst, blurry vision, extreme hunger, tingling or numbness in the feet, unexplained weight loss, etc.

10 Natural Treatments

There’s a variety of options we can use to manage the symptoms of diabetes naturally. But, if we use medications, we shouldn’t stop taking them, but try these natural treatments as an addition to our treatment.

1. Carrots

Carrots are great for the immune system, vision, and blood glucose levels. The beta-carotene in its content helps improve vision and reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes, says Diabetes UK. So, we should add this vegetable to our diet in moderate amounts.

2. Fatty Fish

Consuming fatty fish like sardines, mackerel, salmon, and albacore tuna twice a week can help reduce the risk of high blood pressure, abnormal heartbeat, and inflammation.

It’s rich in omega-3 fatty acids and low in saturated fat, which makes it an excellent choice for people with this chronic condition. However, don’t overdo it because it contains mercury.

3. Blueberries

The flavonoid content in blueberries helps reduce the risk of this disease along with many others. Consuming them regularly helps maintain healthy levels of blood glucose.

4. Aloe Vera

Adding Aloe Vera Juice to our diet can help improve our blood sugar levels. Also, it helps reduce blood lipid or fat molecules in those with type 2 diabetes. However, we should choose “purified, decolorized, or safety tested” type of Aloe Vera juice to avoid cramping or diarrhea.

5. Turmeric

This root is one of the healthiest food choices for anyone, especially for those with this chronic condition. It supports the function of the pancreas, prevents insulin resistance, and regulates and balances insulin levels.

Researchers believe that turmeric root helps promote proper insulin production, repair damage to pancreatic beta cells, and prevent the onset of this metabolic condition.

6. Bilberry Leaves

The leaves of these edible, dark-blue berries have traditionally been used for controlling the blood sugar levels. The flavonoid they contain called anthocyanosides helps strengthen blood vessels, which, in turn, helps manage diabetic retinopathy.

7. Bitter Gourd

Insulin-polypeptide-P found in bitter gourd helps mimic the insulin produced in the body. In that way, it helps lower blood sugar levels. What’s more, butter gourd contains two more compounds which help reduce blood sugar levels – charatin and momordicin.

8. Flax Seeds

The fiber-rich flax seeds support healthy digestion and efficient absorption of sugars and fat in the blood. That’s why they help lower blood sugar levels after eating.

9. Exercise

Regular exercise is something that everyone should have in mind. Being physically active helps improve insulin sensitivity and support metabolism while producing lean muscle and burning fat.

10. Acupuncture

Acupuncture helps manage diabetes symptoms by reducing blood sugar levels, alleviating anxiety and depression, regulating endocrine function, increasing gastric emptying time, decreasing painful peripheral neuropathy, improving circulation, preserving nerve function, etc.

These are some of the most common natural ways to manage blood glucose levels.

It’s best to consult a doctor before taking any of them into consideration, and please do not stop taking prescribed medications but use them as an addition to the regular treatment.

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