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25 Situations Only People with Diabetes Would Understand

By NaDica | Articles

Nov 28

People who have diabetes know that managing diabetes is actually a full-time job.

You need to check your blood glucose, count carbs and that are just two of the many things which you need to do in order to take care of your diabetes.

In fact, a lot of people are not aware of what it’s like to have and live with diabetes on a daily basis.

But, with little humor, everything gets better. Below there is a list of things which only people who have diabetes would understand and laugh at.

 25 Things Which Only People with Diabetes Understand

1. You have a closet, drawer or dresser with diabetes supplies.

2. You are also able to calculate the carbs total of every meal in your head.

3. White is a forgotten color. You avoid to wear it just in case.

4. When you need to do a test, all you do squeeze the finger.

5. You can put any mathematician to shame: carb factors, insulin on board, insulin to carb ratio, no problem at all.

6. People often say that you do not look like someone who has diabetes.

7. Being high does not mean the same to you as for other people.

8. You often find used test strips in the toothpaste drawer, and you do not remember putting them there.

9. The insurance approved one strip per week, and you need to test your blood glucose six times per day.

10. You have only a few test strips, but hundreds of lancets.

11. ”Once in a blue moon” means that it is time to change the lancet.

12. Everyone wonders why you still have a pager. Some think it is cool.

13. You have around 15 glucose meters, but you only use one.

14. You know every horror diabetes story.

15. No one understands frustration better than someone with diabetes when they receive an error message on the meter.

16. There’s never been butter in the butter compartment; you use it only for insulin.

17. You’ve heard the phrase “You cannot eat that” more than thousand times in your life.

18. When you hit the blood glucose in the range number, you feel like you’ve just won the lottery.

19. For you, a paper cut is a chance to test your blood glucose.

20. You have two juice boxes cases in your kitchen, and they are not for the kids.

21. The pharmacy is on speed dial, and you also know the name of the pharmacist.

22. Often people say “Feel free to eat it; it is sugar-free” about food which is abundant in carbs.

23. To wipe or to lick? That is the question.

24. People often say that you do not look sick for someone with diabetes.

25. CSI would need a lot of time to ”investigate the scene” at your house.