May 4


A Glass of Red Wine a Night for The Heart

By Gabriela

May 4, 2023

A new study says that drinking one glass of red wine every night can help those with diabetes manage their cholesterol levels and boost heart health. To confirm these results, 220 patients with type 2 diabetes participated in the trial.

They were assigned a Mediterranean diet along with a 150ml glass of red wine. Those who drank a glass of red wine with dinner increased their good cholesterol levels more compared to the ones who drank mineral water or white wine.

Moreover, since those with diabetes are more prone to developing heart problems, it is important to boost cardiovascular health. Plus, they often have low levels of good cholesterol. This makes it more difficult to prevent strokes and heart attacks.

That is why red wine can be a great addition to their menu.

Study Results

According to the study that lasted for 2 years, the participants who drank red wine saw a fair increase in their good cholesterol or HDL.

Furthermore, they were able to control their blood sugar levels slightly. The researchers from Israel who were behind the study said that genetic profiling could be useful for identifying patients with type 2 diabetes who might benefit from drinking red wine.

According to research on the benefits of drinking red wine, this drink remains controversial. However, recently, more studies seem to show that moderate consumption of red wine can boost heart health and decrease the levels of bad cholesterol.

What Makes Wine Special?

Scientists believe that the effect of red wine could be caused by an ingredient in the drink. But, that ingredient is not yet identified. However, in theory, red wine is more beneficial for overall health than white wine.

Moreover, some researchers believe that the mysterious ingredient might be the chemical resveratrol. Doctors also stated that drinking more red wine than the recommended moderate amounts can be very bad for health.

More precisely, it can increase the risk of heart disease and other serious health conditions. Therefore, it is extremely important to point out that the only way to obtain the benefits of red wine, is to drink it in moderation.

Key Notes

Prof. Iris Shai who led the authors of the study stated that red wine could only help the patients who controlled their type 2 diabetes well. In other words, they consumed the wine together with a healthy and safe diet.

Therefore, it is important to lead a healthy life, consume diabetes-friendly food, and stay active if we want to obtain all the benefits red wine can offer. Also, it is important to consume moderate amounts of red wine to avoid damaging the heart health.

However, to completely support these claims, more research is necessary. Nevertheless, we should watch out for the amount of alcohol we consume and the food we eat. A good combination of both can help boost overall health.

Otherwise, we shouldn’t overdrink or overeat if we want to avoid increasing bad cholesterol and damaging heart health.


  • Gabriela

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