November 23


3 Reasons to Eat Pomegranates

By Gabriela

November 23, 2021

Everyone loves the seeds of the pomegranate they are great for salads, smoothies and are an excellent healthy snack.

But people with diabetes are often advised to avoid consuming fruit juices and fruits. However, should they avoid pomegranates? Yes, typically people with diabetes are said to avoid fruits in high quantities since they can lead to spikes in blood glucose.

However, recently a few studies have come to the discovery that people with diabetes should not avoid pomegranates. Do you love pomegranates? Then, read on to find out more.

Are Pomegranates Beneficial for People with Diabetes?

Recent studies show that there is actually more to pomegranates than we are aware of. They are beneficial for people with diabetes in many ways. They can do the following:

Lowers Insulin Resistance

According to one study fresh juice of pomegranate actually increases the functions of the beta cells. These are the cells that make insulin. Also, this juice lowers insulin resistance and stimulates the cells to make insulin.

Therefore, the sugar is used up well. It is actually more pronounced in people who have low fasting blood sugar levels and in younger patients.

Lowers Bad Cholesterol

According to one research consuming pomegranate juice might help individuals with diabetes reduce the risk of heart disease. In this particular study individuals with diabetes consumed pomegranate juice for 3 months.

They had a reduced risk of atherosclerosis. Atherosclerosis is the hardening of the arteries. Also, this juice has been shown to slow down the absorption of LDL cholesterol by the immune cells.

As a matter of fact, individuals with diabetes have an elevated risk for atherosclerosis, and that might lead to heart attacks, strokes, heart disease, etc.

According to this study antioxidants in pomegranate juice might be beneficial in lowering the heart risk related to diabetes.

Lower Blood Glucose Levels

One study tested participants three hours after they had 1.5 ml of pomegranate juice per kilogram of their body weight. These participants had a notable drop in fasting blood sugar levels.

The pomegranate is different from the usual fruits which have sugars in free form. This fruit has sugars that are attached to antioxidants.


This exotic fruit comes with many health benefits, especially for people with diabetes. People with diabetes are always told to avoid fruits because of their content which contains sugar. But in general, fruits are essential for the maintenance of the body and overall health.

However, just like with everything else, moderation is the key. You need to consume 1 cup of juice or 1 pomegranate on a daily basis. If you decide to drink Horizon, you need to make sure that you will prepare it yourself, because fresh is the best.

Remember that is vital to discuss this with your doctor first, before including pomegranate in your usual diet. Do you consume pomegranates?


  • Gabriela

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