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The Man Who Lost 154 Pounds and Managed Diabetes

By Gabriela

November 17, 2020

Kerry Hoffman is a 32-year-old man who is 6’1” tall. He used to weigh 343 pounds, and now he weighs a shocking 189 pounds. Kerry says, he has been overweight for his entire life. When he graduated from high school, he was 250 pounds.

However, his body was in fairly good shape because he played football. Before his senior year began in college, he met his wife and got married.

But, the harder life became, the more challenges he had to face, which eventually caused him to gain more weight.

In addition, he started eating anything that he found delicious, like sweets, pizza, wings, burgers, and desserts. He could even eat ½ a bag of Oreos while watching TV. This was normal for him.

This is the story of a man who lost 154 pounds and managed to free himself from diabetes.

The Man Who Lost 154 Pounds

Kerry Hoffman says he didn’t realize how much weight he was putting on. However, he did realize that his health was slowly deteriorating. In fact, he was sabotaging his body.

The Breaking Point

The moment he lost his father, and his daughter was born only 2 weeks later, he realized that he needed to change.

However, he didn’t immediately start the change. In fact, he waited after Christmas when he realized he was 343 pounds.

That was the moment he realized he had to set a new goal and reach 250 pounds again. This was the same weight he had when he was a high school student.

A Trip to the Doctor

When Kerry asked the doctor to check his blood sugar levels, he was shocked. The doctor immediately prescribed him medications for treating diabetes.

But, diabetes was also hereditary, it ”runs in the family”, said Kerry.

As a result, Kerry promised that he wouldn’t let the disease defeat him.

How He Lost the Weight

Kerry exercised 5 days per week with treadmill walking and strength training. At the start, it was incredibly difficult for him, but in time, he managed to stay dedicated to the gym.

He started working out at 5:30 am before he went to work.

By tracking the calories, he realized he was eating 4,000 calories in one day. So, he eliminated the sweets and desserts at the beginning. In addition, he started properly measuring the cups and meal portion sizes.

In time, all the weight came off. He lost from 1 to 3 pounds in one week. Later, he replaced treadmill walking with jogging and then running.

After dropping a shocking 40 pounds in 4 months, he remained strict about the number of calories he consumes on a daily basis.

After losing the weight, Kerry visited the doctor again. This time, the doctor reduced his dose and measured his blood sugar level. His blood sugar was now under control.

Nevertheless, he still continued to set realistic goals and work out. Moreover, he completely changed his approach to food.

Here is how he looked before and after losing weight.

What Now?

Kerry still loves food. But, now he cooks delicious, healthy foods, even desserts. Even though this change was hard to accomplish, he made it.

He achieved the hardest thing in life by staying motivated.

Now, when he doesn’t work out, he says he feels sluggish. The last time Kerry visited the doctor, he received some wonderful news.

He was finally able to get rid of his diabetes. The doctor even praised him in front of other patients, saying that he actually did something many people believe it is not possible to do.

He freed himself from diabetes.

Kerry’s Diet

Kerry eats mainly whole foods. However, he avoids consuming processed foods as much as he can.

Before the diet, he never consumed salad or vegetables. But, now he even makes his own homemade salad dressing and fresh vegetables.

He wants to inspire other people to work out and eat healthily. He says it makes him feel amazing and gives him the strength to support his family.

Source: Huffington Post | Natural News


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