December 21


What Is the Role of Fruit in Diabetes Management

By Gabriela

December 21, 2017

Consuming fruit is a great way to meet the nutritional needs on a daily basis and to satisfy hunger. In fact, people consume fruits which are stored in different ways – processed, fresh, dried, frozen and canned. But most fruits contain sugar.

Therefore many with diabetes wonder if fruits are healthy and allowed. But it is important to understand how much sugar each fruit has and whether is good for those with diabetes.

Does Fruit Have a Role in Diabetes Management?

Consuming enough amount of fiber has a role in diabetes management. As a matter of fact, a diet abundant in soluble fiber might help control blood glucose levels and slow down the absorption of sugar.

Furthermore, many fruits are actually high in fiber. People will especially get fiber if they eat the pulp or skin. Diets with enough vegetables and fruit can help lower the risk of stroke, obesity and heart attack.

Fruits are high in nutrients and fiber. Therefore they are an excellent choice when it comes to planning meals. But people should know that processed fruits such as fruit juices and applesauce do not contain fiber.

Study on This Topic

The British Medical Journal published a 2013 study on this topic. This study investigated the link between type 2 diabetes and fruit, and it came to the discovery that the fruit can be a vital part regarding proper diet for those with diabetes.

This study came to the discovery that consuming whole fruits, mainly apples, blueberries, and grapes can notable lower the risk of type 2 diabetes.

But on the other hand, drinking fruit juices can increase the risk of developing diabetes.

Fruits for Those with Diabetes to Avoid or Eat

According to the ADA, i.e., American Diabetes Association as long as people are not allergic, any fruit is okay to consume.

But, it is essential to think about how the fruit is prepared. Frozen and fresh fruits are better in comparison to fruit from a jar or can.

Also, fruit juices and dried fruit are thought to be processed fruits. The processed fruits are actually more quickly absorbed and they elevate the blood glucose. In addition, these fruits have no fiber or vitamins.

The apples have a low glycemic index, and so they are suitable for controlling the blood glucose levels. Also, fruit blend such as smoothies are high in sugar people should avoid them unless they make a right smoothie combination.

Fruits Which Those with Diabetes Can Eat


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