December 7


Why Are Cucumbers Beneficial for Our Overall Health?

By Gabriela

December 7, 2021

Cucumbers are beneficial for our overall health because mostly they consist of water and crucial nutrients which are vital for the human body.

The flesh of the cucumbers is abundant in folic acid, vitamin A, vitamin C, and on the other hand, the hard skin is abundant in minerals such as potassium, magnesium, molybdenum, and fiber.

Moreover, the cucumber has silica, a trace mineral that helps strengthen the connective tissues. Also, cucumbers can heal multiple skin issues such as sunburn and eye swelling.

They contain caffeine and ascorbic acids that stop water loss. For that reason, cucumbers are frequently applied topically to dermatitis and burns.

Nowadays, diabetes is an increasing condition and very common. The American Diabetes Association notes that in the United States there are 1.4 million new cases every year.

People that have diabetes are very well aware of the fact that diabetes might be challenging to control. Many natural remedies such as cucumber can aid in lowering blood glucose.

Cucumbers such as other fruits and vegetables contain natural chemicals and nutrients which might benefit individuals with diabetes.

Research on Cucumbers

According to animal research, cucumber extracts can improve blood glucose. The Iranian Journal of Basic Medical Sciences published a study on this topic.

This study came to the discovery that blood glucose lowered in rats with diabetes after a 9-day diet which included cucumber seed extract.

The Journal of Medicinal Plant Research published another study on this topic. This study shows that cucumber pulp extract can lower blood glucose.

This particular study isolated the chemicals from the cucumber which have previously been connected to blood glucose-lowering properties. But, similar human research on the effects of cucumber on blood glucose is not available.

There is a need for further study in order to identify the compounds in cucumber which are beneficial. Also, it is necessary to find out if the whole cucumber comes with the same benefits as the extracts from cucumber which are usually used in some studies.

Cucumber As Part of Diabetes Meal Plan

Cucumbers contain fiber and are low in carbs, for that reason they can fit easily into the usual diabetes meal plan.

According to the American Diabetes Association individuals with diabetes type 2 need to consume a high fiber, nutritious diet which includes from 3 to 5 servings of vegetables on a daily basis.

Fiber comes with multiple health benefits, suppresses appetite, helps with blood glucose control, and provides that feeling of fullness. Carb foods have the greatest influence on blood glucose levels.

Therefore, the quantity and type of these foods are essential. In general, the best is the moderate amount, because too many carbs in the sugar and starch in foods can induce the blood glucose levels to rise high.

Many low-carb vegetables such as cucumbers don’t worsen blood glucose levels and can be consumed by people with diabetes.

Other Benefits

Cucumbers contain high alkaline levels. Therefore they neutralize acidity and regulate the blood pH. Individuals with gastric problems need to eat cucumbers regularly.

During summer the cucumber aid to normalize the body temperature. Another benefit from the cucumbers is that the cucumber juice is actually a diuretic which means it can prevent kidney stones.

Also, this juice can counter uric acid and its effects, which can prevent inflammation from gout, arthritis, and asthma.

Word of Caution

Cucumbers are nutritious vegetables which people can consume liberally if they have diabetes. Consult a dietitian who can explain the way to eat in order to manage the blood glucose.

A dietitian can make a customized meal plan which can incorporate specific nutrition needs and food preferences. Remember you should not change your diabetes drugs without the approval of your doctor.

However, there is no harm if we include cucumbers in our diet. We are what we eat. Remember to feel good. You need to eat well.


  • Gabriela

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