January 3


Fast and Easy Breakfast Ideas

By Gabriela

January 3, 2022

Having diabetes means a need to eat a healthy and well-balanced diet. The first thing we should do when we start our day is to eat a nutritious breakfast. This way, we’ll start our day feeling more energetic and happy.

Plus, a healthy breakfast can help us prevent sudden blood sugar spikes in the morning. To do that, we should eat low glycemic foods.

According to research conducted by Purdue University, adding almonds to a well-balanced meal can satisfy the cravings and reduce the blood sugar levels. Also, it may boost our metabolism and give us more energy. This is a great way to start the day.

Here are some quick and easy breakfast ideas for those with the condition.

Breakfast Ideas for Those with the Condition

We don’t have to eat a huge meal for breakfast. In fact, the fastest way to make a meal is to prepare a breakfast shake. For this shake, we recommend using one container of fat-free yogurt, a teaspoon of nuts and wheat germ, and half a cup of any fruit we like.

If it is hot outside, we can add some ice. Blend all the ingredients well and pour the mixture into a glass. This is the quickest way we can make a healthy and well-balanced meal. Plus, we can take it with us and drink it on the way to work.

Another quick breakfast we can make is a fruit cup. To make it, fill a small container with healthy and tasty low-glycemic fruits like apples, berries, peaches, and orange. To spice things up, add some whole almonds.

This delicious breakfast is rich in fiber and will keep us full for the entire morning. If we want to eat some toast, we suggest a slice of whole-grain toast topped with organic peanut butter, apple and banana slices. This breakfast is a great energy booster.

Lastly, a quick and tasty snack we can make is this one. In a bowl, add half a cup of canned peaches, one and a half cup of low-fat cottage cheese, some strawberries, and blueberries. This snack is incredibly delicious and healthy.

Eating Breakfast at Home

If we have the time to make some breakfast and eat it at home, we recommend making a bowl of cereal. But, it is important that we choose the right cereal. Whether we choose to eat it hot or cold, it is crucial that we pick the one that has plenty of fiber and not that much sugar.

Oatmeal is probably the ideal choice. However, it is important that we avoid instant oatmeal and choose the one that needs to cook for a couple of minutes. Instant oatmeal contains a lot of sugary flavoring.

We can serve the cereal with low-fat milk and some fruit. This is a satisfying breakfast meal for us to start our day. Another healthy cereal choice is grits. But, if we decide to eat grits, we should not add whole milk, butter, or cream. Instead, we should use a non-calorie sweetener.

If we have more time, we suggest eating an egg-white omelet. Serve it with a slice of ham and whole-grain toast.

How to Buy a Healthy Meal When We Are in a Rush

If we have no time to waste, we may be left with the only option to get some food from a drive-through or a restaurant. But, don’t worry. We can still get healthy food even on our way to work. These tips can help us choose a healthy breakfast when we are in a rush.

1. Request Substitutes

Many fast-food restaurants and small restaurants can swap some ingredients for their customers. For example, we can ask for an English muffin or a whole wheat bread. This way, we will get a few more grams of fiber.

Fiber is an important nutrient that can help us stay fuller for a long time. Also, instead of pastries, like a croissant, ask for some fresh fruits as a side dish.

2. Avoid the Extra Calories

When we order a sandwich, we can ask that it is not prepared with butter. This way, we will reduce the fat intake by 2 grams and sodium intake by 20 milligrams. Also, we can choose turkey bacon or Canadian bacon instead of regular bacon or sausage.

This way, we will avoid some saturated fat and calories. Lastly, skip the cheese to avoid another 100 calories.

3. Ask for Low-Calorie Drinks

We don’t have to be drinking only water. In fact, we can drink coffee. Just, ask the coffee to be simple. If we want to add milk or creamer, we suggest adding low-fat milk. This way, we will avoid around 20 calories.

Also, we should not pick a drink that has added flavorings and sugar.

4. Build Our Own

There are some restaurants that have the ‘’build your own’’ option. We can use this option to take complete control over what we want for breakfast. We suggest picking oatmeal with nutrient-rich toppings, healthy fats, and some protein.


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