January 26


9 Good Reasons to Drink Bitter Gourd Tea

By Gabriela

January 26, 2021

Did you know that karela or bitter gourd is actually a fruit and not a vegetable? The edible part of the plant that possesses numerous therapeutic properties is the fruit of the bitter squash. It may have a bitter taste, but the health benefits it offers will make its taste insignificant.

The best way to obtain its healing properties is to consume it as tea. Before telling you how to make bitter gourd tea, here are several reasons why we should drink it.

Reasons to Drink Bitter Gourd Tea

1. Antibacterial & Antiseptic Agent

Bitter gourd tea has powerful Organic Facts and antiseptic properties that can help remove parasites and pathogens from the body. Therefore, it helps clean the gut flora and treat different yeast and fungal infections.

2. Blood Sugar Levels

Drinking this tea regularly can help control blood sugar levels. The fruit contains charantin, polypeptide-p, and vicine–active substances with anti-diabetic properties.

The first reduces blood sugar levels, the second is similar to insulin, and the third has hypoglycemic effects. They all work together to help lower blood glucose levels and improve diabetes management.

3. Weight Loss

A study suggests that bitter gourd supports even the weight loss process.

4. Antiaging

Bitter gourd contains plenty of vitamin C – a potent antioxidant that helps prevent free radical damage. This, in turn, helps delay the signs of premature aging such as wrinkles.

5. Reduces Hemorrhoids

According to research, bitter gourd helps shrink hemorrhoids. Therefore, drink the tea from this fruit regularly if you have this uncomfortable condition.

6. Boosts the Immune System

This fruit fights bacteria and viruses thanks to its antiviral properties. So, it helps boost the immune system. It has antioxidant properties that help prevent free radical damage and various illnesses and diseases.

7. Promotes Liver Health

Bitter melon supports the filtering function of the liver, thus removing impurities from this. It cleanses the blood of toxins and helps prevent liver failure. In fact, we can drink this tea to ease your hangover and treat jaundice. However, more studies are needed to prove these benefits.

8. Treats Psoriasis

Psoriasis is connected to high blood glucose levels in the body. So, since bitter gourd helps reduce blood glucose, it also helps treat this skin condition. In fact, this is one of the traditional uses of bitter gourd.

9. Supports the Respiratory Health

Drinking bitter gourd tea could also improve respiratory problems Healthline, asthma, and wheezing. That’s because of its powerful antibacterial and antioxidant properties.

Note – Drink this tea in moderate amounts as excess bitter gourd tea might cause diarrhea and stomach pain. Also, pregnant women should avoid it since it can stimulate the uterus, leading to preterm labor.

Bitter Gourd Tea Recipe

You need fresh bitter gourd or dried bitter gourd leaves to make this tea. You can also use tea bags. If you use fresh bitter gourd, don’t remove the seeds as they are also healthy. Just cut the fruit into small pieces, and you can make your tea.


Chop the dried bitter gourd leaves into small pieces to get six to eight tablespoons. Then, add the pieces into 0.5 l boiled water. But, if you have a fresh bitter gourd, wash it and chop enough to fill two cups.

Add the chopped fruit to the same amount of water. Then, cover and simmer over medium heat for ten minutes. Remove the pot from heat and allow it to steep for ten more minutes. Finally, strain and transfer the tea to a vacuum flask.

Drink it throughout the day.


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