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What to Do When Morning Blood Sugar is High?

By Gabriela

May 3, 2023

Most, if not all of us know how important it is to keep a constant check on our blood sugar levels. So, it’s normal for us to become panicked when we see them so high so early in the morning.

After all, shouldn’t our blood sugar be lower in the morning and not the other way around?

Confusion is normal in this case, but worry not, here are 10 ways for us to lower our blood sugar levels in the morning.

1. ACV and Cheese Before Bed, Anyone?

A small study discovered that taking two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar with about an ounce of cheese (28 g) – which translates to one slice, before going to bed can reduce our glucose levels.

In comparison to the 2% when the participants took only water and cheese, it doubled to 4% when they took this combination instead. We may have already heard that the best variant of apple cider vinegar is Bragg’s. But in case we can’t get our hands on it, any apple cider vinegar should do.

It’s not exactly clear why ACV has such a positive effect on our glucose levels. It might be due to the acetic acid it contains. Either way, we’d do ourselves a favor by drinking it.

2. Have a Specifically-Made Snack

Many of us have found that a special snack before bedtime can be of some help. This is probably due to the fact that it slows down the glucose production of the liver, and also shortens the ‘fasting’ time.

For this snack, we can either use the apple cider vinegar method we explained above or take any snack which represents a mix of fat and protein. If someone finds they are running short on ideas, we can help with that too by offering some suggestions:

  • 1 tablespoon of peanut butter (natural)
  • 1 piece of chicken combined with avocado
  • 1 handful of macadamia nuts
  • A few thin slices of cheese

All of these options contain plenty of healthy fats and proteins. Have fun letting creativity do its job!

3. Treating Ourselves to a Proper Dinner

And by proper, we mean substantial. The last thing we want to do is skip meals, and that includes those late at night – EVEN if we’re trying to get in better shape. Starving ourselves of any real, healthy food does us no good whatsoever.

What we need to eat during night time and maintain our figure is a diet poor in carbs but rich in fiber. Besides, our liver will still produce glucose even if we don’t eat, so skipping dinner is a ‘lose-lose’ situation.

4. Get Some Decent Shut-Eye

Lack of sleep tends to increase our cortisol, which is the main stress hormone. This, consequently, can only cause higher sugar levels.

5. Making a Wide Radius Between Alcohol and Ourselves

Even though drinking some alcohol seems like a good idea to wind back and relax, we’d like to inform everyone that it is a stimulant that hinders our REM sleep. And since we already mentioned that lack of sleep is a big no-no…best to steer clear.

6. Start Mornings with some Protein!

Another way to maintain our blood sugar levels, especially in the morning, is to eat some protein first thing in the morning. We don’t need to tell that opting for carbs when our sugar is already high is a very bad decision indeed.

So we should consume a protein snack followed by some healthy morning exercise.

7. Adopt a Morning Routine

Not only does this aid us in lowering our high glucose levels, but having a morning routine is also healthy for our body and mind in general.

For example, we can do some stretches, or go for a nice walk in the brisk morning air. And, as was mentioned, it’s best to have a protein snack first.

8. Talk to a Doctor

If we see that, despite all our best efforts, our blood sugar levels are still too high, it’s best to talk to our physician about maybe altering our medication.

9. Always Keep Diabetes Under Check

The best way to manage both our hormones and condition is to eat a healthy diet, and not just in the mornings, but at all times. Also, we could try to lower our stress as much as possible and do some exercise.

If we can manage to keep our overall sugar levels in check, then we shouldn’t have any trouble with our morning ones either.

10. Get Fitter

Even the slightest weight loss can contribute to the reduction of our glucose levels, and it can also reduce any inflammation and balance out our hormones. We’ll be feeling much better as a whole, too!

Keep in mind that each individual is different and that some things, which work for others, may not work for us, and vice versa. Still, it’s best to give these a try and see what works best for us personally.

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  • Gabriela

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