August 26


4 Tips to Prepare Kids with Diabetes for Going Back to School

By Gabriela

August 26, 2021

The end of the summer for the students means the beginning of the school year. For most students, this means picking out the school outfit for the first day and gathering school supplies.

However, for children with diabetes and their parents, there is much more than that. Whether your kid has had diabetes for a long time or you face diabetes for the first time, there is much to keep track of.

To help your kid get through this school year safely you need to plan and communicate with school staff and teachers. The following tips offer help for parents and the school.

Tip #1 Get to Know the Staff

If there is a health office in your child’s school, you need to work closely with their staff to make sure that they have everything necessary in case your kid needs immediate support at his/her school.

They need to have the following:

  • Syringes
  • Glucose tabs
  • Ketone strips
  • Glucagon pen
  • Tape
  • Insulin (short and long-acting)
  • Alcohol prep pads
  • Current printed carb ratios
  • Current printed settings for the pump
  • Serter
  • Spare lancets
  • Sensors (if on CGM)
  • Reservoirs
  • BG meter
  • Cannulas
  • Batteries for the pump or meter

Tip #2 Visit the Health Office at the School

At the start of each semester, you need to visit the school’s health office to make sure that the supplies are complete and that they are not out of date. Also, make sure that the carb settings and ratios are based on the development and growth of your kid.

Remember your interaction with the health officials should not happen only once per year. It is crucial to visit the school to find out the level of support available.

Tip #3 Attend Open House

Most schools have an open house at the start of each year. It is crucial to go and discuss the following. Usually, the school sends emails to each teacher about your child’s type 1 diabetes.

However, do not think that the teachers are fully briefed. You need to inform each teacher about your child’s diabetes. Tell them what signs they should watch for and let them know that your child may need to snack.

In case your kid is on CGM or insulin pump therapy, you need to tell the teachers that the pump might produce sounds, that might indicate a falling or rising glucose.

When this happens, is crucial the teacher be aware that your kid needs to stop and consume a snack or make a correction to this pump.

Tell teachers that this might occur several times during the year and that your kid is empowered to take care of things. Let the staff know that the pump is an important medical device and that it cannot be stored.

Never assume that school staff and teachers understand type 1 diabetes. For successful type 1 diabetes management at school the key lies in education and information.

Talk with the school staff, and your kid will have all the foundations necessary for a successful school year.

Tip #4 Prepare for Exams and College

For the older students preparing for entrance exams, essays, and college are customary. Arrangements need to be made to make snack breaks during SAT/ACT. However, it is necessary to be set well previously.

Another thing that can be previously negotiated is extra time to take the exams. Managing type 1 diabetes is a journey, and you should not ignore that when you write your college essay.

At this age, kids usually are independent when it comes to managing type 1 diabetes. These tips will help you and your kid have a successful school year and no matter what remember you are stronger than diabetes.

Source Medtronic | Single Care


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