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The Best 7 Teas That Stabilize Blood Glucose Levels

By Gabriela

April 18, 2022

Iced and hot, teas are a great way to start the day, snuggle in front of the fireplace, relax on the porch or enjoy it with our friends. But it seems that there is more to tea than we thought. It is said that tea is a healthy and tasty way to manage poor blood sugar control.

That’s why people with high blood sugar levels should consider including tea in their diet on a daily basis. There are a few tasty teas that can help them have control over their blood glucose levels.

Healthy Teas We Must Know About

The ingredients in the teas mentioned below have shown some amazing benefits when it comes to managing this chronic condition. Even doctors recommend drinking 1 to 3 cups of tea on a daily basis.

Both green and black tea have caffeine so be sure to drink the last cup of this tea at least a couple of hours before bedtime.

7 Teas Good for Blood Sugar Levels

1. Green Tea

Consuming green tea can help us stop the production of the enzyme amylase which breaks down starches and convert them to sugar.

As our body makes less amylase, it can process so much starch at that time. This will help slow the rate at which it converts to sugar, slowing the increase in our blood glucose levels. Also, green tea will slow the rate at which the starches are absorbed.

2. Black Tea

Black tea has a polysaccharide compound that acts similar to the drugs Glyset and Precose.

Both of these drugs are usually prescribed for managing type 2 diabetes, and they are efficient when it comes to controlling the signs by lowering sugar production.

3. Chamomile Tea

Although this is the usual tea in a time of seasonal flu, it is still great when it comes to dealing with the symptoms of this lifelong disease.

This tea can help us slow the rate at which the body makes sugar from the starch and sugar we consume by delaying the release of glucose into our blood and by lowering blood glucose levels.

What this tea does is regulate blood glucose levels and prevent symptoms such as sugar cravings and fatigue.

4. Ginger Tea

This tea contains a couple of compounds that help the body to take up sugar, which can be extremely beneficial for those with poor blood glucose control.

According to one study, those with type 2 diabetes have an insufficient amount of protein GLUT4. This protein is needed for cells to take in sugar.

Ginger contains 2 active ingredients –  those are 8-gingerols and 6-gingerols. These active ingredients actually increase the activity of this hormone and that allows the uptake of sugar to happen.

5. Bilberry, i.e., Huckleberry Tea

Bilberries are rich in phytonutrients called anthocyanins which possess antimicrobial and antioxidant properties. It is said that bilberries have benefits when it comes to treatment or prevention of age-related conditions such as hyperglycemia, especially the leaves.

Its leaves are abundant in chromium, a mineral that can reduce blood glucose levels. The traditional use of the bilberry is for vision issues.

6. Matcha

Also, another beneficial tea is the powdered form of tea called Matcha. Usually, this tea is made from green tea. The great thing about this is that the tea contains only the good things from the green tea.

Also, it contains soluble fiber which slows the metabolism of starches and suppresses the blood glucose accumulation. We can consume this tea straight, or another alternative is to make it as a latte.

7. Coriander Tea

It is said that Everyday Health lowers LDL cholesterol. This tea is recommended for those who have high cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

Coriander tea can help us protect our liver and kidneys. This is beneficial since these 2 organs are under constant strain due to poor blood glucose control.

The Importance of Managing Blood Glucose Levels

It is vital to consult our doctor about the possible ways to manage our blood glucose. We should let them know if we are interested in including tea in our diet for potential benefits on our blood glucose levels.

In that way, our doctor will monitor our blood glucose levels, and according to that, they will adjust our drugs.

We need to be active regularly, follow a balanced and healthy diet and make sure to maintain a healthy weight.

Remember that having a sedentary lifestyle, having a poor diet, and being overweight can raise the risk for diabetes. And, prevention is the key.


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