July 8


Drinking Green Tea – Boosting Memory, Insulin Resistance, and Weight Loss?

By Gabriela

July 8, 2021

Research states that green tea can boost our memory, and reduce insulin resistance and obesity. Therefore, it can be ideal for people with diabetes.

Plus, this tea may positively affect our brains and help us learn easily. Scientists believe that green tea can help with cognitive functions. Besides, this drink has been used for ages as a healthy remedy by our ancestors.

So maybe there is some truth in this. According to the latest research, green tea may be beneficial for a person who suffers from diabetes type 2, memory loss, or cognitive disorders.

Furthermore, it may improve the health of a person who follows a poor diet.

Research and Experiments

The College of Food Science and Engineering in China Life Code on mice for 16 weeks to see if these statements were correct.

Every group of mice had a different diet, one group had a diet with a lot of sugars and many calories (HCHS), and the second group had a standard diet with green tea (EGCG).

The HCHS group gained a lot of weight, while the other group, EGCG, did gain weight but not at a dangerous level. Moreover, the EGCG group had less insulin resistance. After that experiment, scientists wanted to prove the theory of memory loss.

As a result, the HCHS group had a harder time finding the escape route, while the EGCG group could locate it much easier. After further research, the scientists concluded that the EGCG group had improved memory and could remember escape routes easier.

So, after long research, scientists could prove the theories and come out with results. It seems that the EGCG group was indeed affected by green tea in more ways than one.

After all, the evidence states that this tea may indeed be as powerful as people believe.

However, to completely validate these claims, humans need to participate in these trials so that scientists can see how the tea improves their brain function and reduces insulin resistance.

Source: Life Code | Life Code | HealthLine


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