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The Life-Changing Program For 6 People With T1D and T2D

By Gabriela

January 30, 2018

Diabetes nowadays is among the most widespread diseases. The American Diabetes Association reports that in 2012, around 9.3 percent of the population or approximately 29.1 Americans had diabetes.

As a matter of fact, diabetes is at an exponential rate.  The main goal when it comes to diabetes treatment is to minimize the elevation of blood glucose without leading to abnormally low blood glucose levels.

Type 1 diabetes is treated with a healthy, balanced diet, insulin and exercise. These people must take regular doses of insulin throughout their entire life.

On the other hand, type 2 diabetes is treated with a healthy, balanced diet, exercise, and weight reduction, and they don’t necessarily have to take insulin shots.

Most people say that it’s impossible to reverse diabetes, and that is true when it comes to type 1 diabetes. But is it really impossible for type 2? What if you can not only prevent it but also reverse it after it develops? Intrigued? Read on, to find out more.

6 Participants Tried to Reverse Diabetes in Just 1 Month

There is a movie called “Simply Raw – Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days”. In this film, there were 6 participants. These participants had diabetes and took insulin. However, they had different conditions and lifestyles.

But the researchers started implementing a new radical treatment method. Out of six participants, only one had type 1 diabetes, and the remaining participants had type 2 diabetes.

The 6 Participants of The Program

1. Pam, age 62 was actually obese. Her sister, brother, and father also have diabetes.

2. Austin, age 25, had a drinking problem and type 1 diabetes.

3. Henry, age 58, had 464 blood glucose. On a daily basis, he took nine pills and insulin.

4. Kirt, age 25, had a 1,200 blood glucose reading. The normal blood glucose reading is below 100. According to his doctor, Kirt shouldn’t be alive.

5. Bill, age 58, had neuropathy and was consulting a cardiologist. He wasn’t able to feel his own feet.

6. Michelle, age 36, was extremely obese.

The Method Which Helped

Gabriel Cousens has the approach which is about making a total change in diet. According to him, the diet should be mainly plant-based and raw. Gabriel along with his team prepared well-balanced, raw and whole-food meals.

He did this for the 30 day period for all 6 participants. According to Gabriel, the food acts as a medicine. All participants took their necessary drugs and ate the food by Gabriel and the team, with the help of medical supervision.

Gabriel says that meat-eaters are actually 4 times more likely to develop diabetes and breast cancer. Moreover, they are 3.6 more likely to obtain prostate cancer. Meat eaters show higher rates of chronic disease.

Those who don’t eat meat, but drink milk are 3 times more likely to develop leukemia. This is in comparison to vegans. Vegans are people who follow a vegetarian diet and exclude dairy products, eggs, meat, and all animal-derived products.

Results of the Study

Day 3 of the Program

By the third day of the program, Henry, Kirt, and Bill could stop taking drugs and insulin. After just 3 days of changing their diet, they had normal blood glucose levels.

Austin, the only one with type 1 diabetes, cut his intake of insulin to half. On the other hand, Paw could lower her intake of insulin to third.

Michelle still had blood glucose at approximately 362. She was discouraged by the numbers and didn’t want to stay in the program, but she did.

Day 12 of the Program

By day 12, Henry’s blood glucose had dropped at 256. He wasn’t using drugs to reduce his blood glucose levels. Despite the fantastic results, Henry thought he was too old to do this and requested to go home.

He went home on the 17th day of the program. By then, he lost 30 pounds, had lowered blood pressure and no longer took 17 drugs. In this case, Henry’s addiction to the food he previously had was too much and too hard for him to overcome.

Day 30 of the Program


Her blood glucose dropped from 167 to 112 without drugs, and she lost 26 pounds. Status – within normal.

Austin (Type 1 Diabetes)

He lowered the insulin from 70 to 5 and lost 5 pounds. Status – significant improvement in his diabetes.


His blood glucose had dropped from 214 to 73 without drugs. Later it was discovered that he had type 1 diabetes since the very beginning. Status – within normal.


He lost around 32 pounds, and he no longer took 19 medications. His blood glucose dropped from 214 to 74, which is normal without insulin or drugs. Status – within normal.


She lost 32 pounds and stopped taking all drugs. Her blood glucose dropped from 291 to 109 without drugs. Status – within normal.


It’s essential for people to know their options. Many people aren’t aware of the importance and power of food in when it comes to diabetes. Have you tried to control your diabetes with the proper food?

Remember to consult your doctor before you make any changes to your diet or diabetes management plan. Watch the video below to find out more.


  • Gabriela

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