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Is it Possible to Reverse Type 2 Diabetes Without Medication?

By Gabriela

July 12, 2024

With diabetes type II being such a common threat for leading unhealthy lifestyles nowadays, people usually tend to think that if it happens, there’s no way to treat it successfully and bring sugar levels back to normal.

But, Stefan is living proof that this is nothing but fiction!

Although there’s no cure for type 2 diabetes, studies show some people to reverse it. Through diet changes and weight loss, you may be able to reach and hold normal blood sugar levels without medication.

This is his story.

Since Stefan was diagnosed with type II diabetes, he started following a ketogenic diet that is strictly low on carbs. His journey began back in 2012. He’s lost over 66 lbs since he started his diet.

The same year, before undergoing this drastic lifestyle change, he was diagnosed with type II diabetes, with his fasting blood sugar being 19.6 mmol/L, and HbA1c at 11.0%.

He weighed 350 lbs at that time got diagnosed with Metformin and was assigned gastric bypass surgery. Since he didn’t want this to be the way he treats his diabetes, he decided to look up low on carb diets, which was something he already had a history with.

Ditching Metformin also, Stefan fully committed himself to a strict carbohydrates diet, which in the end resulted in a drastic weight loss of 130 lbs in total so far, fasting blood sugar that is 5.6 mmol/L, and blood sugar of 5.7 mmol/L!

All this just by following a diet that restricts consuming carbohydrates

Another interesting technique Stefan started doing is the “16:8” method. This process forbids eating for 16 hours of a day and enables people to eat what they need for the last 8 hours of their day.

During these eight hours, he skips breakfast, has a small lunch and puts the primary focus on dinner. This is what makes him fully energized and ready for the day.

He guarantees that if people follow this method also, and find a good low carb diet, they are going to beat diabetes. Some other tips that are going to help people go through this are down below.

All you have to do is make a great lifestyle change. It may be very hard, but all you need is to try genuinely something new.

Tips To Lower Glucose Numbers

Cut Down on Sugars

A diet that consists of calories that are empty and consist of sugars that are terrible for us. This all just elevates your insulin levels – this continues to make us insulin resistant, which can result in diabetes in the end.

Eating empty calories like sugars is just going to cause an array of problems, like a higher cancer risk, depression, weight gain, inflammation, and high blood pressure. Be conscious about what you’re eating and make sure it’s not just empty worthless calories.

Unprocessed, whole foods are the way to go

Real, unprocessed, whole foods are amazing for our system because they balance out our levels, improve detoxification which lowers glucose readings and insulin resistance, and reduce inflammation.

Eat foods that contain lots of omega-three fats, seeds, nuts, olive oil, and fruits and vegetables.

This is going to improve metabolism, prevent aging, improve insulin resistance, etc.

Proper nutrients are essential

The right supplements will make us more insulin sensitive and we will digest fats and sugars more efficiently.

Grab vitamins and minerals of high quality, up to 2 grams of omega-three, up to 600 mcg of chromium poly nicotinate, vitamin D3, alpha-lipoic acid up to 600 milligrams, and much more.

Speak to a doctor about which supplements are best to take.

Exercise Routine

Following a tiring and unproductive exercise routine that lasts hours isn’t the key to getting in shape. Sometimes, a proper thirty-minute walk can do more than that.

Make sure to get a full hour of physical activity about six times per week and activate heart rate up to 80 percent of its capacity. Being active and waking up our bodies can help us a lot on our journey to get rid of diabetes.

Get Enough Sleep

Not getting enough sleep can do some serious damage to our metabolism, and it will make us crave a lot more carbs and sugar than needed, and it overall increases the risk of type II diabetes. Work on making a regular sleeping pattern and get eight hours per day. It’s crucial.

Getting enough sleep is going to make us feel more energized, and it will help us balance out our levels.

Manage Stress

All of our levels, including insulin, elevate once we’re stressed out. We can take care of this by managing how to control the way we act in stressed situations. Stress can trigger type II diabetes and also weight gain.

This is something that we don’t want. Try meditation and other routines that are going to help eliminate stress.


Make a list of all of your measurements. Blood pressure, BMI, waist size, and weight. If we keep track of our numbers, we will be a lot more in control of our body shape and overall health. This is what to bear in mind.

Keep a food journal, and plan out your calories for the day. Get either a journal or make a spreadsheet online. We guarantee that anyone could be going to feel a lot more organized.

Source: DietDoctor | Drhyman


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