September 7


Reasons to Start Eating More Pistachios Today

By Gabriela

September 7, 2017

A healthy heart, protection from diseases like high blood pressure and diabetes, and improved digestion, and promoting a stable body weight – all of these benefits come if you consume a moderated amount of pistachios.

Who would’ve guessed that such a delicious treat holds so many benefits if taken properly?

Experts even call pistachios a “diabetes superfood”. The following is about how to adapt these cashews in our diet properly.

Pistachios also help promote colon and heart health, thanks to the high levels of protein and fibers they contain, as well as being such huge antioxidants.

Nutrition Facts

One ounce of pistachios has 5.75 grams of protein 159 calories which are perfect and more than enough servings for the day. Another thing about pistachios is that they also contain carbohydrates. A lot of people have a problem with this.

But the thing about carbs is that they’re not actually going to trigger a rise in blood sugar. Nuts, milk, grains, lentils, veggies, fruits, and beans are some of the foods that contain carbs. Sugar, fiber, and starch are all types of carbs.

From this group, starch and sugar are the culprits for elevating blood sugar. This is why pistachios will not increase them since they’re packing in fibers. An ounce of pistachios had 5.54 grams of carbs as well.

Get some beans, whole grains, skins, skins, they’re all filled with fibers.

Make sure to get an ounce of pistachios per day. Get some salad and pour the pistachios over it, or just eat them without anything. An ounce is the perfect serving since it doesn’t have a lot of carbs.

Health Benefits

Eye Health

Being the only nuts that contain impressive amounts of lutein and zeaxanthin, which are carotenoids that benefit and promote proper eye health, pistachios are good to consume if we want to prevent and improve our eye health.

Since carotenoids are best digested when we take them with fats on the side, pistachios already contain that too, which makes it perfect and easy for us to consume. Since these two carotenoids are the only ones that are in the eye retina as well as the eye lens, it’s important to get our daily dose of lutein and zeaxanthin.

Colon Health

Since pistachios are well rich in fibers, their consumption can help us improve our colon function. Not only that but they also help promote better bowel function.

Diabetes Be Gone

Eating pistachios can help out with maintaining and treating blood sugar levels. This is done thanks to the antioxidants that can be found in pistachios.


Beta carotene, gamma-tocopherol, and lutein are some of the antioxidants these nuts are rich in. Eating pistachios as part of our diet can help us eliminate high levels of LDL cholesterol. They’re also rich in vitamins A and E. Fight toxins with pistachios.

Weight Loss

Pistachios can help to control appetite. This is because they’re rich in fibers. Not only that but consuming the right amount per day can help out our metabolism, thanks to the monounsaturated fats. Make sure never to go overboard on pistachios because they are rich in calories.

Heart Health

Eating pistachios promote a healthy heart since it helps lower the bad LDL cholesterol, which is one of the main culprits behind heart health issues. Pistachios are also good in this area because they’re packing monounsaturated fats. Escape clogged arteries thanks to pistachios.

Immune System

Pistachios strengthen our overall immune system thanks to the B6 vitamins it packs. Fight off microbial diseases with these nuts.

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