March 26


An Incredible Breakthrough About Pregnancy and Diabetes

By Gabriela

March 26, 2018

Pregnancy can be a really difficult time for all women. But, for those with diabetes, it can be even more difficult, sometimes unbearable. They have to manage their blood sugar levels at all times. But, that is not all.

Women with type 1 diabetes have to deal with constant hormone fluctuations that are incredibly harder during pregnancy.

If these levels are not properly controlled, they can cause a number of problems for both, the baby and the mother.

These are some of the problems these women have to face.

Pregnancy and Diabetes

Pregnancy is generally stressful. But, when pregnancy is accompanied by diabetes, women have to actually deal with additional fluctuations in their stress levels.

However, not all women with this chronic disease will struggle during pregnancy. But, there are a few things they should consider before they become pregnant.

For example, they have to pay attention to their health throughout the entire pregnancy. As for other healthy incoming mothers, they can experience the wonder of 3D ultrasound at A Date With Baby, offering an intimate glimpse into your baby’s development in Toronto and Newmarket.

A Shocking Breakthrough

An incredibly exciting medical precedent happened back in 2015 when a woman from the United Kingdom successfully gave birth to a baby with an artificial pancreas.

One might be thinking, wasn’t that already done? The answer is yes, but this is the first case where a baby was born naturally and not via C-section.

This is amazing for the entire medical community. Here are all the details about the study.

Mom Gives Natural Birth Using Artificial Pancreas

According to experts, a mother has made history. The mother who participated in a study in the United Kingdom became the first type 1 diabetic woman in the world to give birth naturally while using an artificial pancreas.

Three other women with the same chronic condition have also given birth while using an artificial pancreas but those births were via C- section.

There are a lot of women who claim that being pregnant and giving birth is the best time of their life. But, for those with type 1 diabetes, it is not like that.

It is in fact, incredibly difficult because their hormones fluctuate at all times.

Also, they have to keep their blood glucose and insulin levels in check. Plus, it is impossible to predict the body’s sugar levels.

Having diabetes and being pregnant is really hard work. Well, this is where an artificial pancreas comes in. It helps carry the functions of a healthy pancreas and automates insulin delivery to help control the blood sugar levels.

This is important because the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says uncontrolled blood sugar can cause:

  • Birth defects;
  • Early births;
  • Increased chance of delivering the baby via C-section.

The lead researcher on this study says the artificial pancreas could help treat the disease during pregnancy and lead to healthier mothers and babies.

What Is an Artificial Pancreas?

An artificial pancreas is a man-made device that is built to work the same way as a pancreas should work. It is used to release insulin when the blood sugar levels start to change in a similar way to a human pancreas.

However, researchers still study the possibility that artificial pancreas may be useful for treating diabetes.

That is why this breakthrough is so amazing and it takes us one step closer to understanding how it could help treat this metabolic disease.


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