August 18


Diabetes Numbers Keep Rising: More Than 600 Children and Teens Have Type 2

By Gabriela

August 18, 2017

Today more and more children have the disease . This frightening fact is a result of the rampant obesity which has increased more than 14%.

Child Health and the Royal College of Pediatrics claim that every eight children in ten is clinically obese.

This led to the new Government’s childhood obesity plan which has been active for one year. This plan criticizes the unhealthy foods and drinks that children consume on a daily basis.

A Disturbing Trend

Even though the number 600 sounds frightening, experts believe that it will rise. There are more and more children and teenagers that have or will develop type 2.

Which means that there are more children out there that don’t receive treatment and are not in the pediatric archives. The minority ethnic groups make almost half of the number, as data claims.

Therefore, 243 children from 10-14 years old and 359 from 15-19 years old have the condition. Moreover, there are 15 children from 0-9 years old that also have this condition.

As a result of Cllr Izzi Seccombe, a member of the Local Government Association, stated that today children receive treatment for type 2, the same treatment that adults use.

The Consequences of Obesity

It is important to know that obesity can have catastrophic consequences at an early age. That is why it is important for a child to learn the importance of a healthy life and develop healthy habits. But, only their parents can teach them that.

Even though they can’t prevent diabetes type 1, they can prevent type 2.

All they have to do is exercise regularly and eat healthy meals. The first cases of girls who had type 2 were from Asia. Researchers published this data in the year 2000, and in 2002 they reported about adolescents.

According to National Child Measurement Program, and their research in public schools, 9.3% of children were obese along with 19.8% children who were ten years old in 2015/16.

Dr. Justin Warner claims that this is a threat to public health and people should try to do something about it.

Moreover, children should start avoiding sugary drinks and choose a healthier alternative. Plus, the Senior Clinical Advisor for Diabetes UK stated that almost 80% of the obese children could develop type 2.

So, when they grow up, they will have multiple complications and diseases. Besides, these conditions are even more frightening for children, because they have a weaker body. On top of that, obesity can affect their emotional state as well.

That is the reason why a spokesperson for the Department of Health believes it is time to prevent diabetes, especially in children. However, to achieve this, parents and children need to be completely dedicated and determined to succeed.

Councils in England and Wales

The Local Government Association in England and Wales has more than 370 established councils. Their goal is to put an end to this frightening trend and raise awareness about the situation.

The Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health claim that there are 621 children who receive treatment for type 2, 78.5% of whom are obese. This number is much higher than the one in 2014, which was 545.

In the end, it is devastating that so many children have to struggle with conditions that can be preventable. To stop this trend from worsening, we need to teach children about the devastating effects the condition can have in their future.

Source: The Telegraph | Sky News | WebMD


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