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What Researchers Discovered About Low-Calorie Diet

By Gabriela | Diabetes

Here's How You Can Treat Diabetes with Low-Calorie Diet

According to a new study, we can help manage diabetes type 2 by implementing a low-calorie diet. Eating 600 calories per day for eight weeks may help millions of people prevent this condition.

Consuming more calories than is recommended leads to the production of too much glucose. Furthermore, excess fat affects the pancreas which results in the failure of the cells that produce insulin.

We need to lose less than 1 gram of fat from our pancreas to make insulin production start again. The lead author, Professor Roy Taylor said that treated diabetes lasts even for ten years.

The diet helps people lose extra weight, which can aid the treatment of the disease.

It Depends on the Patients

Professor Taylor spent about 40 years on studies and reported that the work depended on the patients.

Also, patients told him that this diet was the only way to treat the disease without meds and other health issues caused by it.

Study Findings

Only after a week of the beginning of the diet, the insulin sensitivity fell. Blood sugar in patients became normal. Diabetes type 2 can lead to heart failure, blindness, kidney illnesses, even amputation of the legs.

Moreover, there are about 380 million people who have this chronic condition. In Britain, the number of 3.8 million sufferers continually rises.

As professor Taylor reported, even people who suffered from the condition for ten years are able to improve their blood glucose control by getting rid of fats around the pancreas.

How Does It Work?

According to Professor Taylor, if the cells that produce insulin have excess fat, they lose that particular function. In addition, the cells only exist and do not have any contribution to the body.

However, getting rid of the excess fat improves the function. Also, many patients like the diet as there was no hunger or fatigue reported.

What Are the Experts Saying?

Professor Khunti reported that this kind of diet works for people who have a huge motivation. Anyway, it would be hard to implement it for many people.

An excess amount of glucose in the blood prevents the body from turning it into energy, which is the reason behind the disease.

People with this condition need to eat healthy foods, exercise regularly, and use meds to control it. Having control over the sugar in the blood lowers the risk of developing more health issues.

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