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Should You Drink Kefir If You Have Diabetes?

By NaDica | Articles

Nov 08

Kefir is actually a milk product which is very similar to yogurt. It is produced by adding grains in milk that ferments the product.

Usually, goat or cow’s milk  is used although there are certain gains developed to produce kefir even from coconut milk.

You should know that these grains are not like oats or wheat, meaning they do not contain any carbs. They are a matrix of sugars, bacteria, yeasts, lipids, and protein which look like cauliflower but are gelatinous and squishy.

The grains are added to fresh milk, and after that, they need to stay at room temperature for one day until a thick, sour and tangy drink is made. During this entire time, the lactose in the milk ferments and converts to lactic acid.

How Can Kefir Help Those with Diabetes

The kefir comes with immune strengthening, antimicrobial properties which help to improve digestion, and that helps people with diabetes. Also, kefir is beneficial when it comes to preventing gastrointestinal disease.

It has probiotic strains which might help prevent excess weight gain, improve mental health and alleviate obesity.

According to one study kefir improves lipid profiles and blood glucose control in individuals with type 2 diabetes. These individuals drank around 600 ml of kefir on a daily basis; they noticed improvements.

This is in comparison to other individuals with diabetes who drank the same amount but of normal milk.

We already mentioned that the kefir contains lactic acid. This is actually the first sign that kefir can be beneficial for people with diabetes, because of its acidity it can lower blood glucose levels.

According to few studies, the even small amount of acid might reduce blood sugar levels. Last, but not least, according to another study, kefir might help prevent osteoporosis and its onset and also improve bone density.

How to Consume It

You can consume kefir as a drink, or you can add it to your morning smoothie. Do not add kefir to cooked products, because the heat will destroy the probiotic bacteria.

If you want to, you can make your own kefir. All you need to do is remove the grains and add them to fresh milk. Also, you need to know that the kefir has a sour taste and you might take a little time to get use to the taste.

Consuming from 6 to 8 ounces of kefir on a daily basis, incorporated into a healthy meal plan is likely to be one amazing moderate carb drink for people with diabetes.

Do you consume kefir? Remember, before you make any changes in your usual diet you need to consult your doctor.