Health Benefits of Loquat Leaf Tea

Health Benefits of Loquat Leaf Tea

Surprising Health Benefits of Loquat Leaf Tea

The Loquat tree, i.e., Eriobotrya japonica has leaves which are rich in nutrients and which come with different medicinal properties. The loquat leaves have origin from the southeastern part of China and maybe southern Japan.

However, some people think that this tree was actually brought to Japan by Chinese travelers. The fruit of the Loquat tree looks like something between a peach and a mango in both appearance and taste.

Furthermore, it is said that the fruit can be used as a sedative and it is known to lower excessive thirst and vomiting. The fruit and the leaves are high in vitamin C, calcium, vitamin A, phosphorous, potassium, and iron.

When it comes to the leaves of this tree, for a long time they have been used in the natural treatment of different health problems and conditions.

Read on, to find out about the health benefits of the Loquat leaf tea.

Health Benefits of Loquat Leaf Tea

This tea comes with many health benefits such as:

  • Relieves diarrhea
  • Detoxifies the liver
  • Reduces swelling
  • Regulates blood pressure thanks to its incredible potassium content
  • Supports a healthy mood
  • Boost the immunity
  • Cleanses the kidneys
  • Eliminates excess uric acid
  • Counteracts intoxication
  • Helps control blood sugar levels and boosts the production of insulin
  • Treats skin inflammation

6 Health Benefits of These Leaves

As we already mentioned the leaves of this tree come with many different health benefits. Here are the most common ones:

1. Control Blood Sugar Levels

Out of its many health benefits, one which stands out from the crowd is the impressive ability of the loquat leaf to control blood glucose levels.

This leaf makes different chemicals known by the name triterpenes. One of the most vital acids is the tormentic acid. It has been shown that this acid increases the production of insulin that might help lower diabetes-related signs.

Moreover, this acid has been approved by the Chinese government. It is used as a blood-sugar supporter due to the fact that it makes different natural bodily chemicals known by the name polysaccharides.

These are compounds which can increase the production of insulin.

2. Help the Body to Release Antioxidants

These leaves help our body release antioxidants. When antioxidants are released they neutralize the damage which occurs because of free radicals, they help prevent different diseases and last but not least they boost the immunity.

3. Improve the Function of the Pancreas

It is known that we can treat type 2 diabetes either with insulin injections or with improving the function of the pancreas so it can make more insulin and regenerate the cells.

These leaves are great for this since they support the function of the pancreas.

4. Support the Mucous Membranes

The loquat leaf extract might support the natural detoxification process of the body by serving as a mucolytic agent. Also, this might help dissolve thick mucus which holds onto compounds that are toxic.

5. Help the Liver to Detoxify Chemicals

The pancreas is not the only bodily organ that can feel the benefits of the loquat leaves. This leaf helps the liver as well. This leaf has a substance known by the name Amygdalin B-17.

It is known that this substance helps fight liver disorder, and it supports the ability of the liver to get rid of and process poisons found in the body. It is believed that this substance is potent thanks to the antioxidation effects.

6. Combat Viruses

The common viruses are subjects to the power of this leaf. In fact, it is shown that this leaf makes different acids which come with antiviral effect.

These acids make antigens, which are actually antiviral agents. As a matter of fact, 2 out of these chemicals are known by the name polyphenolic constituents and megastigmane glycosides; both are known to make viral antigens.

Moreover, the triterpene chemicals might help lower rhinovirus or the common cold.

How to Make This Tea at Home

Necessary Ingredients

  • Loquat leaves
  • Water

How to Make This Tea

The first thing to do is to crush the leaves. In a pot add water and let it boil. Next, in the boiling water, put 1 tbsp. of crushed leaves. Let it simmer for a while, and the tea is ready.

How to Use This Tea

Drink one cup after meals. Note: Don’t sweeten the tea with anything.