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Top 15 Foods That Are Either Great or Terrible for a Prediabetes Diet

By MaYa | Articles

Aug 04

This is how you can regulate your meals accordingly, to help you prevent diabetes from developing.

Prediabetes, the stage before a person develops diabetes type 2, is one of the most common conditions in the US with one in every three adults developing it in about ten years. Here is how you can change those habits and eat healthily.

Best Choice for Breakfast

Avocado and Eggs

Weisenberger highly recommends eating eggs for breakfast because you can prepare them differently every single time you eat them. On top of that, they are fast, easy to prepare and have a lot of protein that is great for people with prediabetes.

However, they do contain cholesterol, but eggs do not affect the body negatively. Furthermore, if you put some avocados with your eggs, you can add healthy fatty acids and fats that are great for the blood glucose.

Worst Choice for Breakfast

Cereal, Bacon, and Bagels

There is not enough fiber in these choices. Moreover, the cereals and bagels affect your blood sugar, especially the cereals that contain added sugars. Even though you can occasionally eat these foods, try to limit the amount you consume so that it won’t affect your body negatively.

The author of Diabetes Weight Loss Week By Week, Jill Weisenberger claims that people should avoid bacon at all costs, even if it doesn’t have any carbs. People with prediabetes and even people with diabetes type 2 can be highly affected by it.

Best Choice for Lunch

Mega Salad

You have heard this a million times, but the goal is to eat more veggies and different varieties. Even if you are still hungry, you can keep on eating them. These veggies are onions, zucchini, mushrooms, broccoli, and bell peppers.

Furthermore, these veggies help reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes and at the same time give the body the fiber, vitamins, and minerals it needs. So, this mega salad is great for the heart and the blood sugar. Plus, you can add some beans, sliced chicken, olive oil, etc.

Worst Choice for Lunch

Deli Sandwich

This sandwich has a lot of processed meats. So according to Harvard and their research, if you eat two ounces of that kind of meat per day, you have 19% more chance to get diabetes type 2 and even 42% chance of getting a cardiovascular disease.

In addition, this processed meat contains nitrates and sodium that can cause many problems for the overall health of people with prediabetes like problems with glucose tolerance, insulin secretion, and artery health.

Best Choice for a Snack

Crudités and Hummus

Try including some of your fruits in snacks to create a stable and beneficial diet. Plus, try to include the homemade hummus in your diet as well. Not only is it easy to make, but it also has a great taste.

Furthermore, chickpeas and legumes are great for solving the problems with the blood sugar for a longer period.

Worst Choice for a Snack

Beef sticks, Pork Rinds or Beef Jerky

People with prediabetes should focus on how much the food they consume contains nutrients if they have any at all. That is what it is important for the system. Therefore, these meats are not a great choice.

Even though they have no carbs at all, they are still not a great source of nutrients for this kind of a condition.

Best Choice for Dinner

Fish, Barley, and Veggies

According to a 2013 study, whole grains can help improve the insulin sensitivity and stop the glucose tolerance from getting worse. That is the reason why barley, quinoa, farro, whole grains and wild rice are great for people with prediabetes. They contain a fiber known as beta glucan.

Plus, it is all about the size of your meal.

Worst Choice for Dinner

Fast Food

It is a fact that fast food is out of the question for people with prediabetes and diabetes. This kind of food can increase their weight by two-fold and even affect their insulin resistance. If you do love this kind of food, try replacing the bread with a grain bun and roasted sweet potato fries.

Best Choice for Dessert

Dark Chocolate Covered With Almonds

Dark chocolate is far better than milk chocolate for people with prediabetes. Furthermore, the almonds and nuts can be beneficial for the health, according to Weisenberger. They are great and a tasty treat you will love.

Worst Choice for Dessert

Frozen Yogurt, Cheese Cake, Sorbet

These kinds of desserts are filled with saturated fat so, they can have a heavy impact on the insulin sensitivity. Also, they contain 27 grams of sugar, that is too much for one day. But why fat yogurts? Aren’t they fat-free?

On the contrary, they do contain sugar and can affect the blood sugar. But they can give the minimum nutrition the body needs, so that makes it difficult to choose if the frozen yogurt is indeed beneficial for people with prediabetes or not.

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