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Factors That Can Raise Our Blood Sugar

By Gabriela | Tips

Surprising Factors That Can Raise Your Blood Sugar

When people think of things which raise the blood glucose, they think of things such as pastries and candy bars. People who have diabetes often think about which things might raise their blood glucose.

Well, everyone should know that carbs-rich and sugary foods aren’t the only things which can raise your blood glucose levels.

You should know that there are some environmental and lifestyle factors which can also change the levels of your blood glucose, and usually, they are things you aren’t aware of. Ready to find out?

Below we will mention a few things which might not be linked to diet only, and that still raise blood glucose levels.

4 Things That Can Raise Your Blood Glucose

#1 Lack of Sleep

This might be surprising to some, but sleep deprivation can have different types of negative health impacts. One crucial it’s the fact that it can influence your blood glucose levels.

According to the National Sleep Foundation, the medical community has known that sleep deprivation impacts the ability of your body to metabolize sugar.

There was one research done on this topic. According to the research, limiting sleep of healthy participants to four hours a night for six nights, cause their capability to break down sugar to be 40 % lower.

They reached levels typical for much older adults who have diabetes.

#2 Caffeine

You should know that caffeine found in coffee and other sources might raise your blood glucose levels. This points to one research that was published by the American Diabetes Association.

The research discovered that too much caffeine could lead to a spike in blood glucose in people with diabetes. Also, that around 400mg of caffeine on a daily basis is safe, but that caffeine might impact the way sugar behaves and your blood glucose levels.

The research notes that you might see blood glucose swings after consuming two 8-ounce cups of brewed coffee.

#3 Women’s Cycles

Along with other unpleasantries that accompany a period, comes blood glucose levels. They can be impacted because of the hormonal changes.

A diabetic woman might become less sensitive when it comes to regulating sugar levels leading up to their period. That can make the sugar levels to rise more freely.

Typically readings return to normal once the period begins. You can trim back on carbs for the week which leads up to your period, or you can step up workout throughout that time.

#4 Beach Burns

Make sure to take all precaution when the summer months come. Why? Because getting sunburned might cause for your blood glucose levels to rise.

You see, getting sunburned might put stress on the body. And stress can lead to dehydration and higher glucose levels. What can you do? You should be careful, always wear hat, sunglasses and good sunscreen once you are out in the sun.

It is the only way to protect yourself and still enjoy the summer months. You can function just like everyone else you just need to be more careful than them that is all.

By knowing which things raise your blood glucose levels, you can control them better.

Source: Activebeat