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Everyday Foods That Can Cause Blood Sugar Levels to Spike

By NeNa | Articles

Dec 18

Living with type 2 diabetes can bring a number of serious health challenges to people that require significant lifestyle changes, especially in their diet. These people must pay more attention to the foods and drinks they consume than others.

That’s because their blood glucose levels reflect the foods and beverages they choose. Failing to maintain proper blood glucose levels for a long time can cause damage to major organs like kidneys, liver, eyes, and heart.

So, the first thing to do is to learn more about the foods they eat and find out which of them can pose problems for their blood glucose levels. Here’s a list of common foods that put the health of people with diabetes in danger.

Common Foods That Cause Blood Glucose Levels to Spike

1. Bagels

Bread and cereals are one of the worst food groups for people with diabetes, but also one of the hardest ones to avoid. Although they don’t have to ditch these foods altogether, they should at least limit their consumption, especially bagels.

Bagels can often provide the same amount of carbs as a few bowls of breakfast cereal or a few slices of bread. So, either avoid them or eat at least only a half of them at a time.

2. Dried Fruit

Trail mix includes a combination of dried fruits, nuts, and sometimes candy, so it’s definitely a bad choice for people with diabetes. However, it’s not bad only because it contains candy or chocolate, but also because it includes dried fruit.

The combination of dried apples, pineapple, raisins, cranberries, and apricots can be sweetened with additional sugar, so they are not good for the blood glucose levels. What’s more, the water content of these fruits is removed, so people would probably over-indulge before they feel full.

3. Fruit Juice

People with high blood sugar levels should avoid not only sugary soda but also fruit juice. The reason for that is because fruit juice contains large amounts of sugar, even if it’s natural.

And, if they buy it from the store, it’ll probably contain added sugar. Still, they don’t have to cut it out of their diet, but to at least reduce it.

4. Sports Drinks

The fact that the name of this drink includes the word ‘sport’ doesn’t mean that it’s healthy. The truth is, it often contains a substantial amount of sugar which can raise blood glucose levels easily. Consider replacing it with water.

5. Alcoholic Drinks

People with diabetes shouldn’t drink huge amounts of alcohol even if they celebrate. Although that can be tough, especially for social butterflies and partiers, they should remember that drinking only one or two drinks can raise their blood glucose levels significantly.

That’s because many alcoholic beverages contain lots of carbs or sugar. But, in cases when they can’t avoid alcohol, they should at least choose low-sugar options like gin, vodka, club soda, or water.

6. Coffee

Coffee is okay for people with diabetes as long as they don’t drink it with milk, sugar, cream, or specialty syrups that add a flavor of caramel, vanilla, or hazelnut.

So, avoid buying one in big coffee chains as they tend to overload it with sugar. Instead, order a black coffee and add a small amount of sugar.

7. Tea

Tea is known as one of the healthiest beverages in the world, providing numerous health benefits. For instance, chamomile helps you to relax and fall asleep; black tea gives you a boost of energy; cranberry tea helps alleviates urinary tract infections, and thyme tea helps settle an upset stomach.

However, if you add cream, sugar, or heavy milk, it’s no longer a healthy beverage. It becomes one of worst beverage choices for your blood glucose levels as the one sold in popular coffee or tea shops. So, enjoy your tea plain and if you have to add sugar, add a small amount.

8. Rice

White rice can cause blood glucose levels to spike very fast. The reason for that is because it’s a simple carb, just like white bread is, so it’s processed quickly in the body. Instead, try brown rice which doesn’t cause such a dramatic rise in the blood glucose levels.

9. Red Meat

Red meat, especially processed meats such as deli meats and bacon can cause significant spikes in blood sugar levels. However, it’s okay if consumed in moderate amounts.

10. Milk

The content of milk includes calcium and protein which helps the development and maintenance of healthy bones and muscles.

However, it also includes sugar, especially chocolate milk. Although it’s not as dangerous for blood glucose as sugary drinks, alcohol, or fruit juice, people with diabetes should consume it in moderation.

11. Bananas

Bananas are one of the sweetest fruits, thus one of the worst choices for people with diabetes. Other fruits that contain high levels of natural sugar include cherries, mangoes, and grapes.

Although they shouldn’t be avoided altogether, they should be consumed in moderation.