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6 Reasons Why Essential Oils Help Control Blood Sugar

By Gabriela

February 25, 2021

Nowadays, one of the most widespread chronic illnesses is diabetes. According to estimations, approximately 10 percent of the population has a diabetes diagnosis, while on the other hand, around 8 million people have diabetes but they are undiagnosed.

You can manage diabetes with the help of medication, a proper and balanced diet, and a lifestyle. Another way to improve the management of this condition is with the help of essential oils.

You can use essential oils in order to improve your overall digestive wellness and insulin sensitivity and to manage body composition. Read on to find out how you can use essential oils.

6 Facts About Essential and Diabetes

1. Korean Pine

Pinus korainesis, i.e., Korean pine has the potential for diabetes relief. The essential oil from Korean pine actually comes from the needles of the pine tree.

The scientists researched this oil in 2013. They injected this essential oil into lab mice. According to the results, this oil helped improve sugar levels. You can inhale or diffuse this oil.

2. Melissa Essential Oil

This oil was tested on mice for tracking its potential benefits and actions. This study was published in 2010. Mice got a heavily diluted low dose of this oil, and the markers of diabetes were lowered in multiple facets.

According to the researchers when this oil is used at low concentrations, it acts as an effective hypoglycemic agent because of its enhanced sugar uptake and metabolism.

3. Using Essential Oils to Deal with the Side Effects of Diabetes

The complications of diabetes might include immune health, heart health, skin health, respiratory health, and oral health. The essential oils can lower the side effects of specific complications such as ulcers and the loss of skin integrity.

Also, essential oils can help ease the stress of dealing with a lifelong chronic condition like diabetes. All diabetes-related complications might occur throughout the body, and essential oils might help counter these problems and support the intended processes of the body.

What you need to do is to opt for stress-relieving, anti-inflammatory, and antimicrobial oils.

4. To Improve the Quality of Life for Kids with Diabetes

In August 2015, scientists published results on the use of essential oils for diabetes in order to help relieve some of the physical pain and stress for kids who have diabetes.

Thankfully the markers for pain relief were detectable thanks to the diffused lavender and orange oils.

These same oils are known to have anxiety-relieving properties and contribute to the quality of life of children with diabetes who face more than they should have.

You can diffuse these oils when frustrating or painful procedures are needed, or you can add a couple of drops on a handkerchief in order to sniff when necessary.

5. Culinary Cinnamon Essential Oil

In 2013, an evaluation of the essential oil of the cinnamon leaf came to the discovery that this oil notably lowers fructosamine and fasting blood sugar.

According to the researchers, pancreatic support is the most likely mechanism which causes these blood glucose benefits.

1 to 2 drops on a daily basis is a sufficient and safe amount. You can dilute this oil in a liquid or include it in different recipes.

However, you should bear in mind that this oil is strong and can lead to irritation in case you don’t use it properly. Make sure to monitor your blood glucose levels when using cinnamon in any form.

Moreover, you should consult your doctor about including cinnamon oil in your diabetes management plan.

6. Blended Essential Oils for Insulin Sensitivity

The most intriguing thing about essential oils which are used for diabetes is their effect on synergy. This is a phenomenon where the combination of oils leads to stronger effects.

One 2005 study looked at the benefits of synergy. Researchers experimented with different blends of different oils which have been said to be beneficial oils for treating diabetes.

Those oils were oregano, i.e. origanum Vulgare, fenugreek i.e. Trigonella foenum-graecum, cumin, i.e. Cuminum cyminum, and cinnamon, i.e. Cinnamomum zeylancium.

These oils used in blends when taken internally were able to improve insulin sensitivity. That can be replicated by including different oil blends which you should dilute in a carrier oil, or you can consume them in recipes, drinks, and capsules.

Word of Caution

You should be aware that diabetes comes with life-threatening and severe complications, from poor wound healing all the way to cardiovascular events.

You should never adjust your drug dosage without the guidance of your doctor. Consult your doctor before you make any change to your diabetes management plan, this includes using essential oils.


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