May 26


Dogs Sniffs Out Diabetes Threat And Saves a Boy’s Life

By Gabriela

May 26, 2017

We have all heard touching stories now and again about how some animal has managed to save the life of a human. This is usually the case with pets and their owners.

Our loyal companions can prove to be so much more than something to cuddle with and take care of. They can, in all seriousness, save our lives. And that is exactly what happened between one 7-year-old boy and his dog.

Luke and his lovable Labrador Jedi share a special bond and have always been close. But when Luke’s blood sugar level had plummeted to an alarming number while he was asleep, who came to his immediate rescue? His faithful pooch!

Jedi, a diabetes-sniffing dog, sprang into action at once when he realized something was wrong. And it wasn’t long before the boy’s parents were right by his side. Jedi had wasted no time in alerting them.

At the time when Luke’s mother had wished her son good night, she had also checked his glucose levels. It read a safe 100 mg/dL, so she assumed there was no need to worry.

But during the night, Luke’s glucose had horribly dropped to a level which was 13 points below what is acceptable for someone with diabetes 57 mg/dL.

But That’s Not All

What’s even more shocking is that a high-tech sensor which was implanted below the boy’s skin and whose purpose was the monitoring of glucose, didn’t take any notice at all of the drastic change.

So, in this case, a live organism beat the synthetic mechanism. Thanks to the more reliable nose of Jedi, they were able to save his young owner in time. They gave him a glucose tab which boosted his blood sugar in no time.

What’s further amazing is that when the boy asks his dog whether his glucose level is low or high at the moment, the canine actually nods his head to mean ‘low’.

This marvelous hound had become a member of this family when he was just a puppy. This was right after their son was diagnosed with having type 1 diabetes. Jedi was trained from an early age to sniff out whether Luke’s levels are too high or too low. In other words, he became a diabetes alert dog.

But, according to Luke’s mother, this isn’t the only thing he does. He is also there for Luke to soothe him when he is feeling scared. He is truly a wonderful companion, and as Luke himself stated, they are inseparable.

Source: Good News Network


  • Gabriela

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