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What to Do If You Have Type 2 Diabetes and Say ‘No’ to Insulin

By Gabriela | Diabetes

What to Do If You Have Type 2 Diabetes and Say ‘No’ to Insulin

A Forbes which was conducted fairly recently discovered that as much as 30% of those diagnosed with diabetes decided against taking insulin when their doctors had first prescribed it and only started taking it about two years later.

But the question here is ‘why’? Why choose to avoid it in the first place? Well, here are some of the most common reasons why those with diabetes would initially ‘shy away’ from taking insulin:

  • The fear of needles/ having to take painful injections on a regular basis;
  • The unwillingness to rely on a type of medication which is more complicated than a simple pill;
  • Being afraid of gaining weight;
  • As well as the fear of hypoglycemia (low blood sugar);
  • Then there’s the fear of the possible financial impact;
  • Associating insuring with the feeling of ‘having given up and surrendered to the disease/ becoming ‘officially’ ill;
  • Choosing to try and treat themselves with diet and lifestyle changes before they commit to taking a serious drug such as insulin.

As you may have realized while reading this list, most of these reasons have to do with fear. But while we’re on the subject of this complicated emotion, there is also the fear of what hyperglycemia (high blood sugar) can ultimately do to one’s body and health over time.

This is the main reason why those with type 2 diabetes would eventually succumb to taking insulin after all. Ironic, isn’t it? How fear can be the underlying reason for two completely opposite arguments.

It’s completely normal to feel afraid. In many situations, fear helps us stay cautious and mindful of our wellbeing. Having said that, fear without an action or a follow-up isn’t of much use to anyone, is it?

What to Do in This Case

If you just so happen to be one or the individuals with type 2 diabetes who is more than a little hesitant on giving prescribed insulin a try, what you can do is write down all the concerns you may have and which represent the root of your hesitations.

Once you are done doing that, take them with you next time you go and see your healthcare provider. By discussing them together, they may be able to help you figure out a way to properly address your worries.

They may even be able to aid in finding a solution which you can implement in your life, which will lead to you not needing insulin at all! Seems a little far-fetched, but who knows?

Just make sure not to skip out on this important step by actually talking to a professional regarding such fears. You’d be surprised at the positive effects which sharing your thoughts will bring.

And take our advice; don’t be stubborn if your healthcare provider decides you need to take insulin after all.

Sometimes it is simply unavailable, but that doesn’t mean you should lose hope. Stay strong and brave, you never know what the future will bring. And remember, you are not alone in this.