July 14


Diabetes and Hot Baths: Tips We Should Know About

By Gabriela

July 14, 2022

Exercise and diet are probably the most effective ways of managing diabetes. But, recently the treatment of soaking in a hot bath has become immensely popular. This is how we can use all the benefits soaking can offer.

According to records, 29 million adults and children in the U.S. have diabetes. Unfortunately, the numbers keep increasing at an alarming rate.

Dr. Philip Hooper, from the Medical Center in Colorado, issued a study for those with type 2 diabetes, to find out if their blood sugar levels can be easily managed by taking daily hot baths.

According to his evidence, the hot bath proved useful for managing blood sugar and improving sleeping patterns by inducing hot tub therapy. Since more studies are necessary to confirm these claims, many diabetics may disagree.

Diabetes and Hot Baths: Bathing with Diabetes

We can enjoy soaking in a hot tub, especially if we learn how to obtain all the benefits it can offer.

Step No. 1

We should check our bodies for cuts, sores, or ulcers, especially around the feet and legs. We might check every inch of our body with the help of a mirror. Untreated and open wounds can open pathways for infection and bacteria to enter the system.

This can be incredibly dangerous for those with this chronic condition. Soaking in the hot tub for an extended period can remove all the infections from the skin until the skin becomes completely smooth.

Step No. 2

Soaking in a hot bath for 20 minutes can reduce blood glucose levels. So, it is important to eat a healthy low-carbohydrate snack before taking a bath.

This way, we won’t leave the bath feeling light-headed, weak, or confused. But, make sure to stay away from harmful sugary treats.

Step No. 3

We should drink plenty of water before we take a bath. More accurately, drink from 8 to 10oz of water. After all, staying hydrated is the most important thing we should do.

Step No. 4

We should test our blood sugar before we take a bath. We need to keep the blood sugar in check, especially if we want to avoid sudden drops in glucose levels.

Step No. 5

Diabetes can cause serious nerve damage, also known as neuropathy. It can affect the legs and feet and cause numbness and burns. That is why it is best to measure the water temperature carefully.

We recommend keeping it below 104 degrees F.

After and During a Bath

Here are a few more tips:

Step No. 1

It is important that we use gentle skincare products, especially if we have sensitive skin. If we don’t know which product is best suited for our skin, we should consult with a dermatologist.

Step No. 2

We shouldn’t bathe while we’re alone at home. It’s good to have someone else with us in the house, especially if we have unstable blood sugar or blood pressure levels. So, whenever we might feel light-headed or confused, we can always ask for help.

Also, we can use a rubber mat in the tub to avoid slipping.

Step No. 3

It is important that we take good care of our skin. So, we recommend using a high-quality lotion moisturizer.

Step No. 4

We should test the blood sugar levels before going to bed. It is important that we always keep it in check to avoid any serious complications.


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