January 4


CGM Outshines Flash Monitoring in Improving Hypo Unawareness in Diabetes

By Gabriela

January 4, 2021

According to a new study conducted in the UK, CGM (continuous glucose monitoring) helps people who suffer from diabetes type 1 notice hypoglycemia easily and quickly.

This method is more efficient than flash monitoring. Continuous glucose monitoring needs more time about the glucose target range. Also, it decreases the time of the same range in diabetes type 1.

Adult people who have diabetes type 1 are less aware of hypoglycemia. Actually, they are ¼ of the population, and they are at risk of serious hypoglycemia.

The Opinion of The Scientists

Diabetes UK Professional Conference presented the new study which is very beneficial. Scientists say that CGM is a better way to improve the unawareness of hypoglycemia than flash glucose monitoring.

Even though, the study that compared the two types of monitoring glucose was expected to get to this conclusion. The manufacturer of the G5 CGM device, Dexcom was the sponsor of the study.

However, we cannot state that flash monitoring is ineffective. More than 50,000 people were part of a study, and the data shows that FreeStyle Libre has a significant role in improving the control of blood sugar levels in diabetes type 1.

This new study’s results reveal that FreeStyle Libre made HbA1c levels better. Also, it improved the amount of time needed for the target glucose range just like G5.

Nonetheless, when the impact on awareness of hypoglycemia and hypoglycemia is taken into consideration, the G5 is a better option than Freestyle Libre.

The Gold score of low awareness of hypoglycemia did the evaluation, which was a way of measuring the awareness of hypoglycemia.

Forty people with diabetes type 1 and unawareness of hypoglycemia took part in the study. Also, they have never used continuous glucose monitoring.

People who used CGM had a lower Gold score, but the score did not change for the users of Freestyle Libre. Using CGM helped in minimizing the fear of hypoglycemia in people, and the worry of its outcomes.

Source Diabetes | Medscape


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