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The Guide to Buying Chocolate for Healthy Blood Glucose

By Gabriela

October 12, 2022

Who doesn’t want to eat chocolate, and at the same time control their calorie and sugar intake? Over the past few years, portion-controlled and sugar-free chocolates have become immensely popular. But, can those with diabetes eat them?

The answer is yes. Chocolate is healthy and can be good for health. However, people with this chronic disease should only eat a limited amount of it.

Even though more research is necessary, studies have shown that dark cocoa chocolate has some amazing health benefits. It can relax the blood vessels, reduce blood pressure, and decrease the risk of cardiovascular disease.

A lot of the health benefits of chocolate come from antioxidant flavonols. These flavonols can also be found in grapefruit, tea, grapes, and wine. This can be the perfect guide to buying chocolate for those with diabetes.

Buying Chocolate

There are 3 most common blends of chocolate: milk, dark, and white. But, they all contain different ingredients.

1. Dark Chocolate

This chocolate is solid and is made of cocoa butter and cocoa mass. In addition, it contains less sugar and milk than other products. Also, dark chocolate contains between 35% to 100% cocoa. The bitter and darker it is, the more cocoa it contains.

2. Milk Chocolate

This chocolate contains fewer cocoa solids and more milk. It is creamier and sweeter than dark chocolate. That is why it usually contains less than 35% cocoa.

3. White Chocolate

This chocolate has no cocoa solids at all. Instead, it contains milk fats, cocoa butter, sweeteners, and milk solids. That is why many people don’t consider this chocolate genuine.

Which Chocolate Is Most Suited for Those with Diabetes?

Chocolate is not the healthiest snack for people with this condition, but, they can consume it in moderation. The best chocolate for them is dark chocolate. This is why.

It Contains Fewer Calories

If we compare 100g of blended dark chocolate with milk chocolate, we will realize that the dark one, which is 60% cocoa, contains fewer calories.

So, if we want to lose weight, it is best to consume chocolate that has fewer calories and more health benefits. That is why we highly recommend dark chocolate.

It Contains Less Sugar

Once again, the ingredients matter. Both milk and white chocolate contain sugar, cream, or some other sweeteners that give them a nice taste.

While dark chocolate only contains cocoa solids. But, it is still important to control the portion. In other words, consuming too much dark chocolate can be harmful to overall health.

It Contains the Most Antioxidants

Dark chocolate is an excellent source of antioxidants. It contains flavonols and flavonoids. That is why many people compare this chocolate with vegetables, fruit, red wine, and green tea. According to research, dark chocolate contains 8 times more antioxidants than strawberries.

But, it is important to point out that white chocolate contains 0 antioxidants because it has no cocoa solids at all.

So, it is crucial for those with diabetes to avoid consuming the white chocolate.

Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate

Eating dark chocolate can:

  • Reduce the blood pressure in people with hypertension;
  • Increase the ‘’good’’ or HDL cholesterol;
  • Decrease the ‘’bad’’ or LDL cholesterol;
  • Reduce the chance of cardiovascular issues;
  • Boost pleasure and mood.

How to Buy the Best Dark Chocolate?

Many of us are often tempted to eat chocolate. Well, this guide will help people pick the healthiest chocolate they can find. When looking to buy chocolate, consider these important factors.

  • The chocolate should have 60% or more cocoa solids;
  • The darker the color, the better;
  • It should contain cocoa butter rather than coconut or palm oil. This butter is less likely to affect cholesterol levels;
  • Stay away from chocolates that contain ‘’partially hydrogenated’’ or ‘’hydrogenated’’ oils. These oils contain trans fats and can increase cholesterol levels and the chance of cardiovascular problems.

How to Consume Dark Chocolate

Eat dark chocolate in moderation. We suggest eating 1 row or 28 g daily.


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