August 22


How Brown Rice Can Help with Blood Sugar?

By Gabriela

August 22, 2021

The amount of glucose that circulates in our bloodstream is blood sugar. When we consume foods that contain a high amount of carbohydrates, they break down into glucose.

Therefore, people with diabetes need to regulate their glucose levels to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Here is a simple supplement for white rice, a food typical for every household. This is how brown rice can help them regulate their blood sugar.

Why Replace White with Brown Rice?

If we eat a lot of white rice per week, we may get a 10% chance of developing diabetes. Therefore, four servings of white rice per week are way more than our bodies can handle. So what makes brown rice different?

Well, brown rice contains important nutrients such as magnesium and fiber. These nutrients are crucial for blood sugar. Moreover, according to research, if we replace white with brown rice, we may reduce our chance of developing diabetes.

In addition, it takes longer for our body to digest the rice which helps make the body feel full. Besides, the sugar brown rice provides is much lower than white rice. For example, according to the International Journal of Food Sciences and Nutrition, brown rice can release 23.7% less sugar than white one.

So, this is how brown rice can help regulate the blood sugar in the system. Archives Internal Medicine in 2010 also defended this statement. According to their article, brown rice may help reduce the chance of getting diabetes by 16%.

How to Eat Brown Rice

We shouldn’t focus on simple meals, like brown rice with some veggies, try adding some beans, quinoa, or even wheat berries instead. It is best to serve rice with foods that can affect our sugar and contain natural fibers.

Therefore, beans are a great choice for controlling our blood sugar. However, if you don’t like spending a lot of time cooking, get a rice cooker that will do the job. There are bags of brown rice that are slightly cooked, so they only take 90 seconds to complete.

Put them in the microwave and eat the rice with your favorite veggies and some beans.

How Much Should We Eat?

½ cup per day is enough. Don’t eat more than five servings per week. If you are bored with rice, replace it with some buckwheat, oats, or quinoa.

Source: Healthline | Livestrong | Music Source: BenSound


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