January 12


Breathing Exercises to Manage Diabetes Symptoms and Complications

By Gabriela

January 12, 2021

There is a way to avoid complications by only following this practical breathing method. This breathing retraining method is also known as the Buteyko technique.

According to Dr. Artour Rakhimon from Russia, and other practitioners from Western countries, this treatment is known as very successful.

Other than the Buteyko technique, there are many other breathing retraining methods that are useful for those with high glucose levels.

Such an example is the Frolov device, which is a DIY device. This technique is a part of the changes related to our lifestyles like diet, sleep, and exercise.

Buteyko method

The Buteyko method influences people with diabetes mellitus, also known as heavy breathers. This method could have a huge positive impact on the body.


  • Normalizes emotions and improves the enjoyment of life;
  • Lowers the insulin dosage twofold and the usage of insulin during a short period;
  • May normalize diabetes with the high morning and daily CP values (over 35 s);
  • Increases the body oxygen levels, if measured by a CP test; it decreases the need for insulin, along with 35-40 s for body oxygenation.

The Causes of Heavy Breathing

The oxygen in the pancreatic beta-cells manages the function via the hypoxia-inducible factor 1-alpha.

Therefore, the simple reason behind heavy breathing is the low level of O2 in the body. This leads to a low level of glucose and insulin resistance in the system.

All of these facts have been confirmed by multiple research groups who focused on learning about the problems with the low level of O2 in the body.

Research Groups That Conducted Studies for Heavy Breathing:

  • Carroll & Ashcroft, 2006;
  • Halberg et al, 2009;
  • Moritz et al, 2002;
  • Cheng et al, 2010;
  • Heinis et al, 2010;
  • Regazzetti et al, 2009.

Source: Better Health | Medicine Plus


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