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Can AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill Benefit Those With Diabetes?

By Gabriela

July 7, 2021

Exercise has many benefits, such as improving one’s sensitivity to insulin and lowering blood glucose levels. But despite this, not everyone enjoys exercising, due to many factors such as discomfort, possible injury, lack of energy, and even cost constraints.

Here’s where AlterG’s anti-gravity treadmill comes into the picture. It represents an innovative approach and deals with factors like the ones we mentioned above. It features technology that was originally developed by NASA.

This was to ensure astronauts got used to the idea of being in outer space, before their actual departure. So, you can guess why it has ‘anti-gravity’ in its name. It uses an inflatable chamber on the person’s lower body and makes them ‘semi-weightless’.

In fact, it can unweight the user by as much as 80% of their total body weight. Which is give or take the same weightlessness levels one would experience walking on the moon. So, is it any wonder why jogging, walking, running, jumping, or any other activity would be much easier?

This is particularly excellent for all of those who have the desire or need to exercise but are limited by their excess weight or potential pain. Currently, this invention is used for sports training and physical therapy rehab.

However, it is slowly but surely expanding into other areas, as a stepping stone to help those build their stamina and strength, become more active, and even overcome injuries. What’s more, there have been some promising early results for those diagnosed with diabetes.

The reason is that, according to recent studies, exercising on this machine can help lower cholesterol and blood glucose levels. And besides, it increases its user’s ability to stay active, which makes achieving their exercise goals much easier than before!

Using an Anti-Gravity Treadmill

This machine is truly similar to your everyday treadmill, one you will see at any ordinary gym. However, those who have tried it have had no trouble noticing the difference and report it is certainly a wonderful new technology that has helped make exercise easier for them.

It only makes sense, since adjusting the gravity on the AlterG causes one’s legs and feet to feel infinitely lighter. Also, the less pressure on their joints meant each step became less of an effort to do. This wonderfully unique ‘floating sensation’ makes even jogging seem like hardly breaking a sweat.

What Are the Best Features?

  • It’s exciting and fun to use, and nothing replaces that futuristic feeling one has while using it.
  • It makes exercising much, much less of a hassle for anyone, even for couch potatoes. The fact that this hardly even feels like the exercise we are used to since you can associate it with neither effort nor pain, becomes a more pleasant experience that even the lazy folks can stick to.
  • It has a special, adjustable degree of difficulty, which means anyone, no matter how specific, can make use of the AlterG. It is completely adjustable, and one can make their own, custom exercise routines.
  • Let’s not forget how empowering it can feel since it takes away both fatigue and pain. It gives one the opportunity to exercise without facing harsh consequences which would normally discourage them from even stepping on a treadmill. This is certainly one healthy habit you can create for yourself. And who knows? You might even want to start walking or jogging outside after some time. Not to mention it builds endurance, and even some professionals like using it.

Having Said That…

There are still a few drawbacks to the AlterG, but none of them are so bad that you can use them as an excuse not to at least give it a try. One of those drawbacks is its price. Currently, it is more than 30.000 dollars. So, most would find it hard to purchase it as a home workout machine.

So, the logical alternative would be to go to a gym that has one right? Well, unfortunately, there are only about 1000 of these currently in the U.S., which makes finding one near you not as easy as it should be.

Furthermore, certain individuals who have already given it a try have reported a slight feeling of discomfort. This is due to being ‘zipped’ inside this special treadmill’s casing and skirt.


While much more testing is required on the effects of AlterG for those with prediabetes or diabetes, it is certainly hoping for the near future. And if those benefits indeed turn out to be true, then there is a possibility of qualifying for reimbursement under specific programs, such as DPP (Diabetes Prevention Program).

In the meantime, if you happen to be prediabetic or diabetic and wish to try this new piece of technology for free, you can fill out a form here. AlterG will look for a facility near you and arrange a free trial for you.

If you want to continue using this machine after your first try, contact AlterG, and they will arrange for free use for up to 3 months. Take our word for it, – it’s worth the try.

Source: ATT


  • Gabriela

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