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How to Use Aloe Vera to Regulate Blood Glucose Levels

By NaDica | Articles

Sep 21

Aloe Vera is a product from the succulent and prickly Aloe Vera plant. For thousands of years, this plant has been used in the herbal medicine thanks to its rejuvenating, soothing and healing properties.

This plant is native to Latin America, Caribbean, and South Africa. The leaves of this plant have a clear gel. This gel is crucial part in ointments, creams, shampoos, and lotions.

From the skin of the leaves, a bitter liquid by the name aloe latex can be derived. This liquid is important part in capsules, juice drinks, dental care items like mouthwash and toothpaste and tablets.

The Link Between Diabetes and Aloe Vera

HbA1c is a measure of the sugar control in the period of 3 months. According to a recent study from Thailand, the use of Aloe Vera supplementation can improve these HbA1c levels in individuals with type 2 diabetes.

Also, it can lower fasting plasma sugar levels in people that have pre-diabetes. In the U.S. around 29 million people live with type 2 diabetes, and around 86 million have prediabetes.

The researchers did a meta-analysis to evaluate how Aloe Vera affects the blood glucose levels. In fact, they did a meta-analysis out of 8 clinical trials. It included around 470 individuals with prediabetes and type 2 diabetes.

What the trials did is a comparison of the effects of Aloe Vera on the blood sugar with the placebo treatment.

They used different forms of Aloe Vera. They included freshly extracted juice from Aloe Vera, Aloe Vera extract, Aloe Vera gel powder and crushed Aloe leaves.

The researchers calculated the effect of Aloe Vera by using the average difference in the fasting plasma sugar values and final HbA1c between the control groups and treatment.

Finally, they came to the discovery that in people with type 2 diabetes, the Aloe Vera supplementation lowered HbA1c and the fasting plasma sugar levels. So, in those people that have prediabetes, the Aloe Vera did not lower HbA1c.

But, Aloe Vera did help lower the fasting plasma sugar levels. According to the researchers, the current evidence notes the possible effect of the Aloe Vera on the glycemic control in type 2 diabetes and prediabetes.

However, the researchers say that there is a need for well-designed trials with standardizes preparations to quantify any possible beneficial effects of the Aloe Vera better.

Other Health Benefits of Aloe Vera

Usually we use Aloe Vera to heal and soothe skin irritations and skin issues. Furthermore, Aloe Vera can help dental health, support the health of the digestive system, prevent scars after surgery, treat constipation.

And also help in the healing process to both inflammation and pain. Moreover, according to the preliminary studies, the oral gel of Aloe Vera might help lower inflammation and symptoms in patients that have ulcerative colitis.

Ulcerative colitis is a form of inflammatory bowel condition. To lower your blood sugar levels naturally you need to take one tbsp. of Aloe juice. Take it twice on a daily basis. Before you do that, make sure to consult your doctor.

With every new research, there is a new hope for people with diabetes. Hope for the best and remember that you are stronger than diabetes.

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