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5 Key Things You Need to Know About a Diabetes Diet

By Gabriela

May 5, 2021

According to a 2015 statistic, about 84 million Americans are prediabetic. Experts diagnose more than a million people a year, and that is a very alarming number.

If you get the diagnosis, you are obviously more exposed to the danger of certain health risks.

This is why you should follow the diet your doctor prescribes, whether it’s a diabetic or prediabetic one.

Another thing you should consider doing is to incorporate some healthy ideas and ingredients that are going to better your lifestyle.

What is Diabetes?

There are two types of diabetes – diabetes type I and II. They’re different in various aspects.

For example, diabetes type I is actually an autoimmune disorder that experts diagnose during an individual’s childhood.

The factors for the development of this disease vary, from genetic to environmental. These factors influence the cells in the pancreas and interfere with insulin production.

Type II, however, gets its diagnosis through different kinds of lifestyle choices that are not the best for you.

Obesity is one of the better-known reasons for this. Other factors are high cholesterol levels, as well as not being physically active.

The best way to find out if you have in a prediabetic state or not is to get checked by a professional.

Diabetic Diet

A bright light while struggling with diabetes type II is the fact that you can regulate and control it if you change your lifestyle habits.

The most important thing is to keep everything monitored and checked accordingly.

Another common misconception is that you have to stop eating carbs. This is simply not true because you have to take everything in moderation.

Treat yourself to a small portion of potato chips from time to time, but divide the whole pack into tiny portions for when you really want to treat yourself.

Make sure to eat some grains, because they’re more refined carbs and are not bad for you. Everything in moderation.

Main Tips:

The most important thing that should be your starting point is the monitoring of your carbs intake.

Look up ways to count your carbs and measure the needed amounts you should take in your system to keep everything in check and regulated.

Following a diet that controls the intake is a good start if you want to improve your lifestyle and live a healthier life that’s going to make you feel energized and ready for the new day.

This way you will make more room for foods that are nutritious and good for you!

Here’s How to Start:

1. Eat Your Meals

Even though society has made monsters out of regular meals and it’s so forbidden in the media nowadays, you really need to eat your daily meals and stop skipping them.

Your body needs to get new doses of energy in order to work efficiently. Don’t fast your body.

Instead, plan out your meals ahead and go for the healthy alternatives. As a prediabetic or diabetic you can cause some issues in your blood sugar levels.

2. The More Veggies, The Better

Carbs that are wholesome and filled with fibers are perfect for you. So instead of focusing on what not to eat, make healthier choices instead.

These wholesome carbs are actually snap peas, beets, garlic, onions, mushrooms, chickpeas, lentils, beans, whole grains, zucchini, cucumber, celery, carrots, tomatoes, leafy greens, etc.

Low-fat dairy, veggies like corn, squash, parsnip, pumpkin, and potatoes, and fruits are also recommended.

3. Snack The Smart Way

Snacks out of lean protein and filling fiber like low-fat cheese and an apple, or hummus and carrots, or maybe whole-grain toast and some peanut butter is the way to go!

Mixing proteins and fibers in one sitting is good for you because it slows down carb digestion and this is good for blood sugar because this stops it from rising so rapidly.

4. Lean Protein

Lean protein is very important to consume as a person with diabetes.

So make sure you pack up on some turkey, beef, fish, and chicken, as well as plant-based protein, like tofu, seeds, pulses, and nuts.

Avoid red meats because they can cause cardiovascular diseases. Some other foods to avoids are dairy-based foods, as well as fried foods.

5. No Sugary Drinks

The most common mistake people make when dieting is not avoiding sugary beverages like juices and fizzy drinks, coffee, and tea that’s sweetened.

This can cause your blood sugar to go up rapidly without you even noticing. Control your blood sugar levels by cutting back on unnecessary sugar intake that’s just going to make things worse in the long run.

Sugary beverages are not good for you because since they’re liquids, they go through the system a lot faster and cause chaos.

By cutting down on liquid sugars, you basically leave more room to snack on something delicious and actually good for you!

In conclusion

The most important thing to always have in mind is to set the new practice as a prediabetic, diabetic, or just a person who just wants to improve their overall health state is always to make the choice to go for healthy foods instead of something terrible for you.

Making the choice to do good is the first step. The next step is to do some research and pick the foods you’re going to incorporate into your diet.

Go for the right snacks, the proper meals, and the right ingredients to go for. It’s never as hard as it sounds!

Good luck!

Source: GoodHousekeeping | LiveScience | HelpGuide


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