With Artificial Pancreas to Normal Life for a Teen with Type 1 Diabetes

By NaDica | Articles

May 19

A teen from Connecticut receives artificial pancreas. With only one small device her daily routine will be simplified. This new technology can change the lives of so many people around the world that live with type 1 diabetes.

There are around 1.25 million Americans that live with type 1 diabetes.

However, some things might change for the better. We are witnesses of the medical history that is happening, and that is life changing for one teen from Connecticut. This teen is the among the first in the country to receive an artificial pancreas.

This new technology can change the lives of so many people around the world that live with type 1 diabetes.

The teenager is Claire Bickel, and she has type 1 diabetes. And to keep her blood sugar in check is a constant struggle for her.

According to Claire, it is difficult to check her blood sugar and at the same time to juggle between track, field hockey, biology and the spring musical.

But nowadays, Claire says that she is going to get her life simplified all thanks to a small device. And she hopes that she will be able to maintain her normal active life.

She is the first pediatric patient and among the first patients in the country to receive the MiniMed 670G. Because FDA only approved it last year.

This system from Medtronic measures the blood sugar automatically. Also, it can deliver personalized amounts of insulin twenty-four hours per day and all that with less interaction from the patient.

According to Dr. Stuart Weinzimer at Yale Children’s Diabetes Program this device MiniMed 670G is very helpful not only for the patients but their families as well. He says that patients still have to do the regular, basic things such as testing the blood sugar.

Making sure of what they consume. The device is going to do it important work between meals, at night and during exercise.

As in many families that have a member with type 1 diabetes, also Claire Bickel’s mother worried about the drop in the blood sugar. Now she says that she is more peaceful than ever and also she even sleeps all night without waking up.

On the other hand, her daughter says that she is more enthusiastic now and brave because she is planning and looking forward to doing things with less stress. She is planning to visit places and go to college, and it is easier for her to do a lot of things she always wanted to do by herself.

This device MiniMed 670G gave peace to this teenager and also her mother.

Source: Miami CBS Local