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Revolutionary Diabetes System Which Checks Glucose Without a Finger Prick

By Gabriela

September 14, 2017

From November the FreeStyle Libre System will be available on NHS, subject to the local health economy approval. This technology will change the game.

It will allow people that have diabetes to track the blood glucose levels without pricking their fingers.

Abbott, the manufacturer, announced that this device had secured reimbursement listing for the NHS Drug Tariff and its flash sugar monitoring system after getting approval from NHS Business Services Authority.

This device will be available for reimbursement through NHS across Wales and England, Health and Social Care in Northern Ireland, NHS Scotland for people that have type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes and who are using insulin.

How It Works

The purpose of this flash sugar monitoring system is to change the way diabetics measure their sugar levels. Also, help these people achieve better health outcomes.

This system automatically reads sugar levels via a sensor, which is approximately at the size of £2 coin. This is worn on the upper arm, i.e., the back of the arm for 2 weeks. It eliminates the need for user calibration and routine finger pricks.

Real-world evidence and 2 clinical trials from around 50, 000 users show that people who use this system can get their sugar levels measured at least fifteen times on a daily basis.

On the other hand, in the real-world use, bigger rates of scanning to self-monitor sugar was found to be linked to improved sugar measures. This includes decreased time in hyperglycemia, hypoglycemia and lowered estimated HbA1c.

The Opinion of Neil Harris

According to the general manager of Abbott’s UK diabetes care business, Neil Harris, the FreeStyle Libre Systems represents a technology that is changing the game.

He says that that FreeStyle Libre system offers life-changing improvements for people that have diabetes and use insulin intensively. FreeStyle Libre system helps the people to live fuller and healthier lives.

Harris says that they are thrilled with the decisions of the Health Services. They can’t wait to collaborate with them in order to provide thousands of people that have diabetes with this innovative technology.

Technology which will help them to manage their condition.

What The Data Provides

Thanks to the data from this system, people will have a better understanding for their sugar levels through AGP, i.e., Ambulatory Glucose Profile. The chart from this system provides a visual snapshot of sugar levels patter and trends over times.

Also, it can help doctors to have deeper insights and help them make easier treatment decisions. Harris says that they are in the process of including a multi-channel support and education programme for both clinicians and patients.

They do this to make sure that the community can benefit from this decision in the most efficient possible way.

Also, they are communicating with Local Health Economies to make sure that those people who intensively use insulin have access to this technology in the years ahead.

The sensor components of FreeStyle Libre system are made at R&D site and Abbott’s manufacturing in Witney, Oxfordshire. At the moment in the UK, there are around 1,400 Abbott employees.

As a result of the global adoption of the FreeStyle Libre system last year Abbott said that 150 jobs were due to be made over the following 18 months.

This FreeStyle Libre system on global levels has more than 300,000 users, and it is available in 35 countries.

The Chief Executive of Diabetes UK and His Opinion

The Chief Executive of Diabetes UK says that this announcement is great news. The last such amazing news was the transition from urine testing to testing with a finger prick. This could change the lives of people with type 1 and type 2 diabetes, thanks to technology.

With this flash sugar monitoring, diabetics will be free from the rigor and pain of the frequent finger prick testing. In addition, they will have enormous control over their diabetes.

This FreeStyle Libre system has potential to help in the prevention of many long-term complications. This decision is actually a testament to the commitment of policy makers, campaigners, and clinicians to make this tech available.

Now the challenge will be everybody who might benefit from this tech to have access where they live. Diabetes UK shall be planning with local decision makers to ensure diabetics get access to this life-changing technology.

Source Diabetes Times | Diabetes


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